Why has Obama forsaken hard working white American veterans?

Well I can promise you that all the hard working white American veterans will be sure to vote for some one else in 2012. Have you not heard of the wait to buy a handgun now, really everyone is buying their guns and ammo now before Obama makes them illegal or tries to tax the hell out of them. I have already spent…

I think you’ve put too much tin foil in your hat.

Well said and whites with all that guilt will find out who their brothers are when they lose their position and have no voice in the political world.

I agree that something like that could definitely happen, especially who is in government office right now. It’s not just Obama.

Because they are White !

The Politics/Government forums went that-a-way


The president doesn’t have as much power as you may think.

He hasn’t it’s just your paranoid delusion.

because hes a liberal. hes the closest president to being a communist.

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