Why in the heck should i press “9” for español????

Its just a waste of time

Unless it is a medical emergency where the patient would feel more comfortable speaking their native language it should all be English and ONLY English.

If you do not speak Spanish why the heck would you want to waste your time pressing 9.

Many countries have more than one official language

1. You speak spanish.
2. It’s also a good trick to speak to a human and cut through the prompts. The spanish speaker will have less customers and speak english as well.

i’m sorry.. I basically want to you to do not overlook that I answered.. yet i’m probably no help with you to this Q I easily have considered ppl ask about othe ppl a lot and that i have many times wondered an similar component!! yet regrettably I easily have by no ability considered “BUK” So sorry i’m confident one among your solutions explains it although!!! best of success!!! Olive

Because America’s the “melting pot” of ALL races AND all languages!
if yah dont speak spanish, dont press nine, moran
but theres people in this country that do,
and guess what!!!!
They Use Telephones TOO!!!!

Yeah, but the Spanish speaking operator sounds Muy Sexy.

If you don’t speak spanish, don’t press 9 !!!

Man, our educational system is really bad.

because we live in a free country and business are free to make decisions that they feel will profit them?

but you have the freedom to not use whatever service that is… most likely…

to get a spanish language lesson.

Que es su problema? No habla espanol?

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