Why is Obama, Pelosi and the libs trying to bankrupt our Country with their healthcare plan?

It will only bankrupt our Country and everyone in it. We have the best system that supports 80%+ Americans already. Why not just repair the system and improve it. Its like junking a new car because it needs new tires. Why are the liberals in support of such destruction? If you support this plan, you are as bad as…

Our current system sucks. It is not sustainable. We NEED health insurance reform.

Actually, our system is NOT the best. We are 37th best. Every single country that has a better health care system than us uses a Universal Healtcare System.
What happened to people striving to make the US the best country in the world? Are yu really happy to settle for 37th place? Our healthcare obviously needs a change. Maybe a universal system won’t work (even though it has worked for almost every other country) but Im willing to try something. We have tried our current system long enough and it just isn’t working.


Because if they can make everyones life miserable enough then people will be more willing to accept a different way of doing things. The goal is to create a one world government and let the UN have more power over peoples lives. When people are doing well and making money they do not tend to want to change. When they are struggling they are more willing to look at alternative methods if they believe it will improve their life.

That is the problem with the Obama health care plan, trying to fix the problem of about 30 millions people at the expense of the other 270 plus million who are satisfied with their current health care coverages. Passing Obama’s health care reform by itself will not bankrupt the country but it will certainly contribute towards the country going bankrupt.

Our usa and its hatred in direction of one yet another keeps on. the issues consistently expressed has been element of existence because of the fact the commencing up of time. the human beings of the international and interior of it its greed is destroying mankind. If we lived through God’s regulation fairly of guy’s regulation there there could be no clarification for the fee of a dollar no longer be $a million.00. God provides each and every thing we mandatory to proceed to exist in his lifetime-water he supplies us guy quotes you for it, he supplies u existence guy starts off charging you for that at your beginning till now u your self ever earned a dollar, he provides & guy quotes you $a million.00 throughout the time of your lifetime. If we anybody on earth did the Godly issues there could be no desire for greed–basically think of how stunning it may be if all of us on earth have been waiting to stroll in a save that provided the flaws we’ve today to anybody at no charge dollar sensible yet became keen to do a little artwork for the provider in substitute- all of us have some style of skill. style of like a pay it forward equipment. We bond jointly and help each and each. If no longer something became at no fee because of the fact anybody desires skills, wisdom,outfits, look after, transportation,verbal substitute, holiday trips, and so on., yet hi lower back to comparable difficulty no longer keen to artwork jointly universally IS the difficulty! & Destroying GOD’S earth is the different

Let them pass it when the Dem’s get voted out in November it will be repealed an all the a holes will be gone.

It’s all about Control and Power, Once the Govt has complete Control over every aspect of our lives we have Fascism, communism and a socialist state, ( examples ) Venezuela, Cuba, just to name a couple. Obama and his henchmen have us on the fast track to destruction,

your system is projected to increase costs by 50% in the next fie years. your system also spends more then any other system in the world. your system is ranked 38th in the world.

your system is the problem.

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