Why is the Christian perception of atheists that of an immoral, careless being?



I asked two questions that many Christians would get very defensive about. I did this as a sort…

LOL, that one made me laugh. “I’m having goods put on a truck to China.”

Yeah, right.

The christians ”morals” are present mostly on Sunday, and then during the week, it is hard pressed to find one who is not judging someone, or telling someone else how to live their life!!
Granted there are some christians who say and do the same thing, but those are rare.
And as a matter of personal opinion, and based on what I have read on these boards?, the LDS are more consistent than all of the other ”so called ‘ christians, about how they answer questions, and how they present themselves!!

The rest are rude, arrogant, and ignorant in their treatment of non believers, and of course how they treat the Gays, is shameful!

As for me? I prefer to use my ethics! I follow the Golden Rule, and common sense, and logic, ( which contrary to what christians think, is not a dirty word,)
I do not commit crimes because I am threatened with dire punishment, I do not commit crimes, because it is wrong to do so! Period!
As to what christians think about my lifestyle, or about anything else? well, sweetie, I could care less!
They don;’t tell me who I can marry, or how often I can marry them!
They don’t control my sex life!
They don’t control ANY of what I think about!

It’s not a PERSONAL attack, but a general understanding (although I don’t know about the “careless” part). After all, there are people that are very caring, regardless of their relationship with Jesus Christ, and those that are meaner than a junkyard dog, again, regardless of their stance with Jesus.

What I will say in defense of myself and other Christians, as well as some atheists here is that I believe it’s easy to get caught up in the sarcasm and meanness that is often found here (kinda like a snowball rolling downhill).

I honestly don’t know why some Christians feel that way about atheists.

I only see atheists as people going through the same economical hardships I am going through. They care about the things going on in the country and world the same as I do.

I used to capitalize the a in atheist to show respect. But I learned by my doing that I was showing disrespect.

The Christians that treat atheists as immoral people need to read their bible. There is scripture about atheism.

I am atheist and I believe that I am a very moral person. I think the 2 things have no connection, however your right Christians believe that they co inside. I think that no matter what religion you are you should always respect other peoples opinions. that doesn’t mean you have to agree. I think people who are very religious are easily persuaded into believing what they are told. For some reason they need to feel connected to something. I wouldn’t take it personal these things are things they were taught and they are too naive and desperate to conform to question it. The only thing i cant understand is intelligent people who buy in with no hesitation

Christians never claim to be perfect people. They claim to be sinners saved by grace. Why is it that the atheists absolutely LOVE to play this card? They love to say Christians are unloving big meanies and then dismiss Christianity as if ad hominems could magically disprove their system.

Atheists must be completely blind if they play this game on Yahoo! Answers because, as someone who has done a lot of apologetics for a long time, I have never seen a place so filled with hate and antagonism from atheists as Yahoo! Answers. It is filled with people who are not just non-religious but who are anti-religious to an extreme degree. I could go down the list of questions and point out thousands of questions from atheists that are not meant to be genuine questions but which are meant to mock and slander.

The fact that Christians sometimes loose their temper and sink to the level of many atheists on Yahoo! Answers doesn’t mean anything in relation to their truth claims but it doesn’t make it alright either.

However, people like you who try to play the “why are Christians such big meanies” game on a forum that is dominated by hate towards anything religious, especially anything Christian, is absolutely hilarious. Anyone who buys this type of rhetoric and sympathizes with you must be utterly biased against Christianity or must have never bothered to take a look at some of the atheist questions OR responses on Yahoo! Answers.

As underdude was saying; “For all have sinned and fall shorth of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23. Nobody is perfect. Christians aren’t perfect. Athiests aren’t perfect. Athiests are everywhere. Christians are everywhere. Just because there is a low crime rate and a high percent of the population is Athiest, doesn’t mean that Athiests are better. I don’t think that Christians are better than Athiests, and I don’t think Athiests are better than Christians. We are all sinners, therefore we all deserve to go to Hell. I’m not going to sit and argue with you that Hell is real, but if you refuse to believe then that’s your loss. Please. As Christians, we just want to share our faith and only hope that you understand. Anyways, You’ll all be in my prayers. God bless you! 🙂

If they allowed themselves to believe that being an atheist was in any way acceptable, they would not be Christians anymore. They could sleep late or whatever on Sunday mornings, stop putting all that money in the collection plate and/or the pledges, etc. They would be able to make decisions for themselves about many important matters which are currently listed in the “Thou shalt not” category, etc.

Indeed, they NEED to believe we are living a completely unacceptable life.

To paraphrase something Xians say themselves, going to church doesn’t make you a Xian any more than going to McDonald’s makes you a hamburger.

Though it may seem cliche, there really are some Xians who are loving and caring, and try to impact the world by helping it, not condemning it. Unfortunately, they seem to be in the minority.

But I tend to think it might also be the case that they are busy living out their “faith”, instead of coming on Yahoo to answer questions about it.

Very few sincere questions are asked here, and a Xian who wasn’t open minded enough, or didn’t just enjoy getting all worked up over things and then reporting them would probably tire of this forum pretty quickly.

When a so-called Christian resorts to slander, you can almost bet they’re very young and immature chronologically and/or spiritually.

It’s also a safe bet they haven’t read the Sermon on the Mount very thoroughly. If they had, they’d realize that what they’re doing is in direct contradiction to what Jesus taught in His most famous and spiritually prolific teaching.

Because without Christ you are lost in sin and the wages of sin is death. You are lost with no hope of eternal life and without God we are nothing. This is the word of God and I stand on it. God set the world in motion and God set the rules. The Word of God became flesh and walked among us as Jesus the Christ. It doesn’t matter if you are immoral or careless or if you have the best morals and best attitude toward life, without Christ you are lost.

Jesus said, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?”

Man can testify that you as an atheist are the most honorable, moral, kind, good person, but God says “none are good no not one.” Because of Adam and Eve we are born in sin and without Christ the wages of sin is death so we are dead in sin. To receive life eternal we must accept Jesus as our Savior. God sent a Savior to take away the sins of the world and only Jesus can take away your sins. You either accept Jesus or you reject Jesus. God gave man dominion over the earth and we have the choice to choose God or deny God.

God doesn’t control the horrors of this world. Sin causes the horrors of this world. Proverbs 26:2 says “a curse without a cause does not come.” Sin is the cause. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve chose sin and death when God told them if they ate of the fruit they would surely die. Adam and Eve had eternal life until they disobeyed God and obeyed the old serpent, Satan.

Even today, the old serpent shows up and blinds the minds and hearts of men. Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy. Jesus came to give us life and give us life more abundantly.

Christians have no fear of death. We have eternal life and He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world. The Holy Spirit dwells within me and I follow Him.

It doesn’t matter what man thinks about you. It matters what God thinks about you.

Repent today and ask Jesus to come into your mind and heart and save your soul. There is nothing wrong with saying, “God help my unbelief.” In the latter days if you call upon God’s name, He says you will be saved. God doesn’t want any to perish and for this reason He says that He is taking His time in returning, but the signs for His return are here. Christ will be returning soon. And the prophesies of the Holy Bible are all coming true.

Keep your eyes on Israel. You must admit, 5 nations came against Israel and the little nation won the battle and they’ve won the battle more than one time. The nation of Israel has been fighting for its existence since 1948.

Please, please consider Jesus and learn of Him.

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