Will American anti-war demonstrators be in the streets this week protesting an unjust war?

When Chickenhawk Obama gets back from Brazil, will Cindy Sheehan go to Washington DC and camp out in front of the White House and demand to speak to the chickenhawk president?

Will the liberal out-of-the-mainstream media cover all of this IF it happens?

Nope the sheep will defend their messiah while exposing their typical hypocrisy!!!! Their actions prove that they were so in love with the murderer Saddam!!!! So sad that the libs ride the fence on issues such as these!!!!

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They were protesting yesterday. It was a protest about the 8th anniversary of the Iraq invasion, but they were protesting none the less. Heaven forbid they protest about Afghanistan and Libya.

You’re asked this question quite a few times already. If you’re not happy with the answer, I’d suggest turning off the computer and going outside.

Its just fine outside today.

Probably so;

Those Koch-ites rear their ugly heads every now and then.


I fully expect the unemployed, mooching Code Pinkers to descend on Washington post haste to demand an end to Obama the warmonger’s war for oil.

I wonder how long it will take for the libs to “blame” the trouble in Libya on Bush..

If there were an unjust war they would be protesting it.

They were this weekend, there was a question about it two minutes ago.


if they do it wont be organized or reported.

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