22 July 2009 solar eclipse and abnormality?

Whats gonna happen on the day of solar eclipse any abnormal like tsunami earthquakes
tell me all u know on this fact

There will be warm air coming from Uranus.

NO abnormality comes b coz of Total Solar Eclipse which sends only a shadow of the moon on the earth for few minutes & nothing else. There will neither be an earthquake nor tsunami. Only tide will be a little higher than the normal one. Air temperature will reduce by at least 4 degree Celsius b coz of Sun being covered by moon’s disc blocking the sunlight from coming to the earth causing night like darkness for 3 – 4 minutes.

yes there was a solar eclipse on 22nd july 2009

Firelord Ozi will be weakened..and Ang will lead the Earth and water kingdom into war.lol

Pregnants shouldn’t cut anything during that time. It is bad for the health of the planet as well so we should pray for the well being of all.

the moon will block the sun. happens all the time, i wouldn’t worry about it

for news channel something to cheer about.

news channels will make more noise

my bet is i’ll miss it being in so. cal. nuts!

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