Is this a cheater or am I paranoid for nothing?

Is this a cheater or am I paranoid for nothing?
I am dating someone 4 yrs and are talking about marriage (both of us have no kids either side and never been married). The woman and I have lived together and I go on business trips every so often, gone 2-4 weeks at a time. She met me when I was an executive producer…

No it is NOT ok, I swear sometimes it seems like women can’t keep their legs closed. I have good friends who lost it when they were fighting overseas know their girl was screwing a ‘Jody’ and there was nothing they could to. Step back for one minute and look at it from the other persons point of view. I know men cheat too but when 80% of women cheat on their counter part while they are fighting a war the is a far greater number. My advice to a friend who is a AH-1W Cobra Pilot who is going soon is the get that crazy glue and glue the fu*cker shut

I would listen cous you a ***** and i would cheet on you too.

you know what buddy.. put aside all this crap.. and look at why she might be acting this way.

who cares if there was NO PROOF of you responding to these women.. you are a man.. and chances are that you DID write them back, and just deleted your outbox. ALSO these women should not be contacting you by msn messenger OR text! how they all got your number is beyond me. you probably gave it to them. dont act all innocent. your girl is just getting back at you.

and you know what? I would do the same thing if girls were always hitting on my man by either text or messenger. theres no way you can sit here and tell us that you arent writing them back, since your so “good looking” and all.

come on. gimme a break.

AND the fact that your gone away 2-4 weeks at a time? shes not gunna trust you being away all that time..and i think you know that. so how does it feel??? having her being around good looking men and you not trusting her. both can play at that game hunny.

sounds like if she hasnt cheated, shes going to. shes really liking this attention from other guys, (she might be getting bored with you, no offense) and shes trying to encourage it without losing you or doing anything drastic.
and girls who cheat/ or just talk to other guys.. they know what theyre doing. she knows shes playing with fire, and the talking to a married guy? shes serious about this attention thing.
now you need to choose whether to talk to her about it, or break up. :/

Your right it doesn’t sound right! It definitely sounds like shes trying to cover up something from that night! So try to talk to her and if you detect lies or she refuses to talk about it then its probably time for you to move on! Good luck

just ignore her just be like nope nope sure nope


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