Atheists, do you think a government that forces gay marriage is just as oppressive as one that forces religion?

On its people?

If they force you into participating in a gay marriage, yes. If they just make it legal for people who want to partake in it, no

How can a government force gay marriage? They force two straight men to marry?

That relies upon if the government is forcing human beings to get married or in basic terms allowing human beings to marry the better half of their selection. So in case you’re speaking approximately compelled marriage, sure, yet once you mean marriage equality, no. whilst the government facilitates you to are making your own judgements, it relatively is the alternative of oppression.

I mean yeah sure, but ive never heard og a government trying to force gay marriage on their people.

Yes, any government that forces people to marry would be oppressive.

But I’m guessing that’s not what you meant… Not as profound as you think either.

Forces gay marriage?
Man, you got more problems than that.
They don’t force anybody to get married.
Where the hell do you live?

If we were being FORCED to marry people of the same sex – yes.

But that isn’t what is happening. ALLOWING people to love indiscriminately and marry whom they choose is not FORCING anything. People marrying other people of the same or different gender does NOT infringe on the rights of others.

Inacting laws based on nothing but faith and religious belief, however, IS FORCING religion on others. It DOES infinge on the rights of others.

NOT the same thing. At all.

Nobody is forced to have a ‘gay marriage’

Of course, but remember, there’s a difference between allowing and forcing.

Never heard of a government that forces me to marry another dude… What are you even talking about?

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