Brain aneurysm, brain tumor, cancer sign??? please answer?

I went to the ER the doctor told me that it was just a sinuses so he gave me pills to treat it

okay 4 days later i feel a lot better head pressure and headache is gone but i feel this tingling sensation on the top of my head non-stop it sometimes feel like water dripping on my head is that signs of blood linking…

Sinus infections are common.

They commonly start in our teens as the sinus cavities enlarge in line with our growth in puberty.

Yours is responding to antibiotics, behaving exactly as a sinus infection normally does.

Your anxiety (paranoia?) that it is cancer or something else sinister is totally out of proportion with your diagnosis, hence your Dr’s concern.

You are 16.

Most cancers occur in those over 50. Stop worrying about something that yopu may get in 35+ years time. Worrying about it is a great way to waste your life.

U constantly worry.. That is anxiety.. That is ur brain problem, not a tumor. Try to focus on something else for a while 🙂 I bet u will forget ur tingling head

I doubt it’s a tumor but you should do some research or make an appointment again with your doc

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