How can we bring back real hip hop?

You have rappers with no talent, soulja boy-, lil wayne, etc…, who are selling way more than the rappers who actually have talent. Nas last album only sold 355, 880.


first off blame G Unit…… thats when it started…. when 50 cent sold more albums then Freeway who is way better and actually raps with meaning. On the other hand u cant the hustle… soulja boy and all them others took advantage of how low rap is and started makin mad loots off lines like “girl u stank take a bath”. You dont have to listen to that ****. Lupe is a crazy new artist…. I heard jay z and nas with beyonce are startting a new record label and u noe they aint gonna sign no rapper with no real skill. Also Lupe, Kanye and pharell are workin on a new group. so theres still some hope

Royce da 5’9 is previous so are different others Royce develop into ems hype guy at the same time as he jus were given sighned.hip hop aint lifeless theres consistently been kidnplay varieties its jus loopy how ppl imagine there more beneficial proper than the authentic deal what that’s is the marketplace is often occurring with raps sturdy money so know there more beneficial in touch the arts what suffers its all marketplace the hype up there artist and purchase decrease back records so it sounds like there doing sturdy majority of mainstream track in straightforward words has sturdy beats no longer some thing else. genuine hip hops doing veary properly its especially a lot all self sufficient although its purely stressful coping with ppl that dnt pay interest to genuine hip hop and there so quik to jot down experienced lyricist off its booshit i know there artist they fukkin suck decrease back interior the day theyd get thrown off level it really is all eminems fault he popurize hip hop with suburbia and at the same time as he made sturdy track with out em theres no rick ross

still have no idea what “real” hip hop is. just listen to what you like and dont worry about whats going on with the pop scene. but if YOU want to bring back real hip hop go make some tracks and see what happens. other than that all you can do is support the artist that you like.

Hmmm. Tough question. All we can do is hope that all the wannabes disappear and the talented people who have something real and intelligent to say come out of hiding.

Caring for Quality.

Quit worrying about “no talent” rappers that arent worrying about you.

one must be open minded to hearing music with substance first and foremost

its complete bs i feel u we need to stop supporting them period how da fuc does souljah boy sell that much makes me sick ma man

turn off the radio and stop watchin videos….and it never left (and add in underground w/ old school)

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