Will a 3% tax hike hurt Millionaires like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly?

Is this why their so against Clinton era tax levels for those making above $250k??

No. They pay their taxes…

It will not hurt Timothy F. Geithner (secretary of treasury) either, oh wait…..he did not pay any taxes….
I guess if you are in Obama administration, you don’t have too.


There against it because it is a Clinton era tax, other words out of date and does not fit todays current economic situation.

That is like saying we should bring back slavery because at one time slavery helped the economy and put people to work(without pay ofcourse)

Because Clinton RAISED taxes then also. It didn’t hurt as much then because the tech industry was booming and Newt was running Congress efficiently.

The Conservative commentators that you have mentioned are people who are very generous to charity and employ staffs of people will not be effected. And the companies that they work for a showing record ratings, so the 3% more they will have to pay will come out of their raises and revenue increases.

BUT what about the Liberal commentators like Obermann, Madow? That 3% will cause there staffs to shrivel based on their already low ratings. Oh well, I guess someone has to suffer from the tax hikes…

Clinton cut Taxes for the Super Rich from 28% to 21% Bush followed up by cutting it to 17%

I say if Republicans love Reagan so much roll the Taxes back to the Reagan levels

No. But it will definitely “hurt” those who make under 500K. Obama should have left anyone under 500K alone and continued the 35% tax on them….. Then raised the tax on those making over 500K to 43%…..He is killing small business owners.

Why should a person making 250K pay the same percentage of taxes as a person making 25 million! It is absurd!

I could care less what those hacks think.

Throw Donald Trump on the heap also.

He was born with silver spoon in his mouth and has filed for bankruptcy several times yet he still lives an extremely extravagant life.

Jamie Gorelick Etc

This is all too friggin funny. You people are all hung up on the millionnaires of the country, when less than 0.5% of Americans actually make $1 million a year or more. Instead of demanding higher taxes on the 0.5%, maybe you sould focus instead on lowering taxes for the other 99.5%.

Hannity won’t be able to buy as many gold coins.

Limbaugh won’t be able to buy as much Oxycontin

Beck won’t be able to buy as much Kleenex

O’Reilly might have a tough time affording those loofas

It will lessen Rush’s ability to visit places like the Dominican Republic with a pocket full of viagra pills.

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