Breastfeeding in public?

Why is it okay to have sexy advertisements like women showing their cleavage and wearing sexy lingerie and not okay to breastfeed a baby in public which is completely natural. Why has society made a natural thing like this so wrong i just don’t understand. I’m a mother to a 2 month old and I feel completely…

Personally, I think that people are uncomfortable with nursing in public because they don’t see enough of it. We nurse wherever we go, and I don’t hide the fact that my child is eating. I’m modest about my own body, but I’m not obsessive about it.

I’m always amused by the proposition that I should pump and bottle-feed while we’re out. What a hassle! I’d have to spend money on a pump, and bottles, and hope my baby would take a bottle from me, and deal with leaking and overfull breasts. No thanks!

Oh, and if nursing in public is like sex, then bottle-feeding is like sex with a dildo. Nursing is eating, not urination, defecation, or sex. It’s nutrition, and my baby has a right to eat.

If breastfeeding in public could be banned then so might desire to anybody eating in public!! Hell breastfeeding is greater organic then those shoes you have on your feet! i think of it truly is disgusting that breastfeeding is even stated in this form of trend!! So what? There could be fashions displaying there ins and outs yet a mom feeding her newborn is incorrect? So ill

For so many people breastfeeding isn’t considered the norm, the past ten years is the start of re-introducing it as the best way to feed. Don’t worry about strange looks, who are those people to you anyways, a stranger you may never meet or talk to again. I do agree with being covered and discreet but as more woman feed in public it will become more acceptable and eventually a non issue

I suggest making sexy advertisements and wear lingerie in public, while breastfeeding, since you say sexy advertisements with cleavages, and sexy lingerie are generally accepted, it would mean that if you were doing this, then it would be accepted.

I breastfed with a cover, or in a parents room where appropriate, and did not get any of these dirty looks people are talking about. I personally hated breastfeeding while out. The only reason I kept doing it was because it was convenient. I preferred leaving the room to breastfeeding around people.

An advertisement can easily be ignored…and even still, you still get people against those sorts of advertisements. It’s a lot harder to ignore a live women right then and there, yes, people do not have to look, but you would be kidding yourself in thinking it was just that easy to avoid all of it.

Personally, out of everyone, I was the most awkward, and that is why I always covered.
I personally dislike it when women intentionally don’t cover themselves to make a political statement. Yes, it is a natural process, but we still can’t expect everyone to be OK with seeing breasts at lunch.
Making love is a natural process, it’s how we have bred for thousands of years…but we all know we can’t be just doing it then and there in the shops.

As a mother, you have every right to breastfeed your baby anywhere you want. But why not cover up? Why compare yourself to people who have no self-respect? To people who live off of showing their bodies? It’s like comparing yourself to a criminal in order to not feel guilty about something.

A criminal will always compare to a worse criminal and feel better about himself. Why do you have to expose such an intimate part of your body just because everybody else does it? It’s just so cheap.

Make the difference. Have modesty. Integrity. Shame. Provide to your baby but let’s have some morals. Our society is already lacking lots of it thanks to shameless people.

I feed my baby whenever and wherever she needs it! Of course, I usually try to find somewhere that is comfortable for me, for positioning, but I do NOT cover up or try to hide what I am doing. Yes, even at the table in a restaurant!

My daughter won’t nurse with a blanket, sucks to be anyone who is offended by something as natural as feeding a baby huh? Honestly don’t let it get to you, if you need ammo for someone who approaches you just print off your state’s breastfeeding laws, almost all of them protect breastfeeding mothers now. I have yet to have someone actually come up to me and say anything. I ignore all looks.
I also have yet to see a mother not using a blanket or other cover ‘flash’ someone walking by. I know when I nurse I reach through the collar of my shirt, unhook my bra, pull my shirt up enough for baby, then pull the bra out of the way. My shirt falls to her face but not over it and even my own husband cant see anything if he sits next to me.
Im sure there are some mothers who ‘flash’ but there are some women who wear revealing clothing that is 5 sizes too small too, but not the majority in either case.

Breasts have become sexualized rather than viewed as a natural way to feed your kids. People have learned to tune out posters, but it’s harder to tune out a live woman.

i breastfeed in public as long as i don’t show anything,
me and my husband don’t think it’s a big deal.
if people can kiss in public why can’t we breastfeed in public?

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