Christians: Please explain to me why you believe there is a god.?

Without use of scripture.
P.S. i’ll run a mile for every star this question gets.

Start with the fact that scientists agree that there was a starting point to the universe from which everything came into being and matter can neither be created nor destroyed. How did all matter suddenly exist when it didn’t exist before?

There are many really bad things that happen that I am unable to understand why God does not intervene but God’s ways are not man’s ways.

However, I have seen too many things occur which science is unable to explain for me to believe anything other than that God exists: People with cancer given a month to live that “somehow” were cancer-free within that month (I know many will respond with “Why that person and not so many others?” – for which I do not have an answer), seeing things happen that were not logically explainable, prayer being invoked which somehow answers that prayer (I know – “Why not all prayers?” – see previous example).

Here is one example and my apologies for the length: I was part of a leadership team for a retreat for teenagers, most of whom did not know one another. At 3:00 AM, one girl (we’ll call her Lisa) was troubled by something personal – I don’t know what – awoke and felt a prompt to go to the chapel, which she ignored. Every five minutes for the next hour she felt the same prompt “Go to the chapel” but ignored it. She went back to sleep at 4:00 AM and did not say a word of it to anyone. The next morning at breakfast, one of the pastors asked someone “Which girl is Lisa?” Since there was only one Lisa, that person pointed her out. The pastor went to Lisa and said “Why didn’t you go to the chapel last night at 3:00 AM?” Lisa feigned ignorance and said “What are you talking about?” The pastor said “I awoke at 3:00 AM and felt a prompt to go to the chapel because ‘Lisa’ needed someone to talk to about something. I waited there until 4:00 AM and when you didn’t show, I went back to bed.”

What logical or scientific explanation is there for what happened other than God “spoke” to two people who didn’t know each other, one with a problem and one willing to listen to that problem and possibly provide some words of comfort or understanding?

Peace, Bill

Hehe.. well hmm.. I personally believe because the spiritual seed that has been planted in me years ago brings me wisdom no man could ever conjure up. Why don’t you just take a look in a microscope at some organisms in your lab class or something and explain to me… how do you think our creation is so perfect. Look around you. Why is it that everything is like a piece of a puzzle and what is good always fits somewhere. How things happen to come together when they need to.. ? You ask yourself these things.. then try reading ‘Conversations with God’… then you choose for yourself a better understanding and call it your new religion or belief and then.. only then might we have something more important to talk about like how to teach our young how to love and respect themselves and eachother, the real way. In addition to your additional details.. firstly if you had 7 billion dollars that, by themselves, had the potential to reproduce themselves into double or triple their worth, would you not be obsessive over their safety and happiness?.. Secondly, you state you were extremely religious expecting this “God” to answer your every whim. God lays down the “Universal Law”, and he has answered most of your prayers by giving you the potential to find out yourself. You think you have these powers by accident.. or do you take for granted these powers as if they are nothing?? Learn who is God and who you are. Read “Conversations with God” and/or “A Course in Miracles and Healing”. God is far from what most people think. Good luck and much Love to you. PS It’s not about what you want or think you need. God knows what you need even before the planet was made God knew. It’s all very beautiful and perfect if you really put some nonbias thought into it.

For me it began with the discovery that Biblical thinking is far more scientific and analytical than most think. You are not a back woods bafoon holding to ancient beliefs handed down by the elders because you believe in the Bible. In fact nothing in human history has been subjected to more rigorous scientific scrutiny from all major disciplines than the Bible. For thousands of years intensive efforts by archaeologists,anthropologists,biologist… historians,mathematicians, theologians,astronomers, and countless others at the top of their fields including those in the modern age using the latest equipment have been laboring constantly to either prove or disprove the Bible. Evolution I might add is barely 150 years old. Do you like televisions CSI, or Law and Order? If so you will love Lee Strolbergs The case for Christ (also on DVD). It reads like Classic legal thriller and is written by a top lawer who examines this Jesus Christ story from a modern and educated point of view including witness corroboration, evidence, coersion, time lines, and anything a top harvard lawer or investigator would use to scrutinize these claims. As a scientist I find evolution compareable to a bad Harry Potter novel with ghosts and goblins opting instead for the much more intellectually rewarding and challenging Intelligent design described in Genesis.

The Great Thinkers of the past,experienced that there is some super power behind the functioning of this Universe. That is how the concept of God has creeped in. But this God is not in the form, the religions of the world have conceived. This God is not pleased with worship and prayers nor this God is displeased for not worshiping or praying….This God does not give you anything nor he takes away anything from anybody.

Start Running

Let’s just start with where existence came from… either there is a creator who has always existed and who created the universe (including creating the big bang), the universe has always existed (which neither makes sense nor is supported by science… some believed this until the big bang theory was essentially proved in the 60’s), or ‘nothing’ suddenly became *something*. You don’t get something from nothing.

Former Christian here. Lost faith when dad died and God didn’t answer prayers for him to live. The **** spewed by the pastor is idiotic now when I think about how I used to go to church every sunday. Sunday now is the time I sleep.

1. The creation shows Him just as He said it would.

2. I’ve met Him.

Probably the most compelling reason for me to believe in God is how the detractors of religion behave themselves. I know that the kid in first grade who was always sticking his tongue out at the teacher behind her back was wrong.

That and other things.

because I have read about the history of the Catholic Church and the apostles. I have trust in my ancestors who wrote the Bible. I have come, after 6 yrs of studying the BIble, to believe that it’s a true document and account of world events, people and lands. And that, through the grace of God Himself, I have faith in Him and trust in my ancestors that have taught me such.

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