Do only the gullible accept that Paul Ryan in 2005 did not know his idol, Ayn Rand was an atheist?

Supposedly he became infatuated with Rand in high school, but he was still a member of that Ayn Rand club ( I don’t remember its name) as late as 2005.

I had an ex that was a fan of hers…that was one of the first things I knew about her (that she was atheist). I read most of ‘Atlas Shrugged’ at the time…it’s been years since I read it but it was pretty obvious she didn’t conform to ‘Christian values’.

@ NCR Elite, it matters b/c it’s ANOTHER obvious lie of his…how does it NOT matter when he say he follows a religion that condemns lying?

@ laine, obviously it does matter if he felt the need to lie about it.

So is this what America is now? I have to have the exact same personal opinions and belief systems of every author I read and look up to, or what…the sky will fall. I’ve read Ayn Rand, Aldous Huxley, George Orwell and other anti-Marxists and I never thought to make a list of every political issue and see which side the author was on and which side I was on. Who cares. I read the book because I am a curious human being. I may or may not be interested in their ideas.
Christians are *allowed* to find the ideas of someone who is not Christian interesting or intriguing.
Stop watching Colbert and start using critical thinking and logic to do your thinking.
Furthermore Ayn Rand has very interesting ideas on how business and government should coexist, what in the world does this have to do with religion, hmm? You mean to tell me a Christian and and Atheist can’t agree on issues that have nothing to do with religion.
What your question is really about is that Paul Ryan is an amazing statesman like this country has not seen in 40 years and this is all you liberal progressives can come with to say against him.
Have a nice day.

Ayn Rand was no atheist. She was an ipso-theist just like mormons. It all fits in line with Romney and the current Skousen agenda of the R-tards.

There is only one problem: They just can’t seem to admit they are ipsotheists.

Ayn Rand, the moral defender of being a bad person.

I think conservatives approve of the Machiavellian apologetics Rand espouses.

So Ryan is safe from criticism.

Who cares?

and this matters because?

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