Does North Korea truly pose a nuclear threat to the world?

Does North Korea truly pose a nuclear threat to the world? Why or why not?

do not panic!!!
the north is not going to attack S.K, Japan, or any US military base in the area.

the north’s regime know they will never last longer than a week of an open war with any of this 3 countries.
it like short themselves right in the head.

all they are doing is grunting.
the 2006’s test of their rusty missiles was totally a failure.
non of the missiles last longer than 2 minutes on the air and all of them fails shot to the sea of japan. the only thing it hit was the water!
their nuke test was also a failure and they never dare to test it again.

see what they have been doing for the last 40-30 years, do you wonder why no-one do a thing with the N.K. but only talking and supply them with money and energy inwhich everyone in the world know that someday the north will call off all the agreement and go back to their aggression mode again. so that they can bargain more money and energy again. and we will give what they want again and again.
do we have that much stupid governments?
No, it is a lot more behind what we are seeing.
it need no secret leaked gov’s info here. you just have to read the news and thinks a bit farther.

see what benefit most to whom out of this NK’s aggression scheme?

1. the USA, yeah “the USA”
2. Japan and South Korean’s governments (not the people)
3. the North’s regime


you know that people in SK, and Japan has been shouting to get rid of the US military base from their countries for yearsss.

-NK, is the only reasonable reason the Japanes and SK’s gov tell their people that the American should be here.
-NK, is the only reason the American can sell trillion dollar of weapon to SK and Japan each year.
-NK, is the only reason that japanese and SK’s people let the American keep her WMD, the very large military bases, and military personal here. and it is very close to the USA’s real enemy, >>CH!NA<< (surprise?)
ask any American gov republican or democrat, if they want to loose this unimaginable high value military bases very close to the chinese thought ? i don’t think so!
-NK, is the only reason the SK and Japanese’s gov can sneak out some benefit by spend our tax money on the american’s weapons and its system each year.
-NK aggression themselves is the only reason that keep the NK’s regime alive and well with money, food and energy from japan, SK, america.

try remove today NK aggressive regime and the above benefit to all will be gone!!!!
it will be gone forever from the 4 governments involve!
who would want that?

that why japan, SK, america’s govs will do anything to keep the NK’s regime alive and keep/make them look very aggressive.

now it is a kind of hanging in balance.
the north keep grunting, but she will never do the real attack, so she can get all the free money and energy she want.
the USA, SK and japan love to keep supply the north on the other hand they will keep the north sound like an unpredictable mad dog. so that they can earn from the business they are doing.

every one love North Korean! don’t you?

If N. Korea can launch 5 to 8 nuclear warheads, that would certainly threaten the world. The Green wing of the U.S. political system would really have an issue on which to focus! As someone has already stated the president for life in N. Korea would have his population killed if it suited his crazed mind. One thesis for a nuclear war is the “mad man theory.” N. Korea sets up the theory for proof. Lastly, I do not think carbon emissions will ever be a topic of concern if the missiles are launched by the N. Koreans with live warheads. It is a serious concern.

I’d have no problem with nuking North Korea except that because they have nuclear weapons as well so they be would be able to retaliate against us and that would cost many many American lives. Furthermore, you have to consider the international ramifications. China may use this as an excuse to attack us. You have to remember China is already harassing our naval vessels off its shores. On top of that I hate to say this but we need those whiny Europeans too. Since at the end of the day it’s better to have more friends than enemies. Btw don’t listen to those whiny liberal Europeans in your answer section. If it weren’t for us they’d be typing in German right now. I hope this answers your question

North Korea is surrounded by Russia and China on the north and east. It has Japan and South Korea on the west and south, both backed by the USA. Just what nation could North Korea attack with a nuke that would not result in its destruction?

By the way, in case you forgot, Clinton sent Carter to North Korea to get them to stop their nuclear program. North Korea got oil and food and Carter returned to the USA with “Peace in our time.”.. And North Korea got nukes anyway.

Iran on the other hand is surrounded with a lot of weaker nations. The USA would probably do something if a nuke went off in Afghanistan or Iraq as we have troops there. Israel would definitely respond if it got nuked. But everyone else? No one protecting them from Iran.

U.S. approved it self to be a threat when it bombed the nukes on Hiroshima and Najasaki

Well, they have working nukes, and semi-working missiles. Chances are, their missiles would blow up mid-air, but nukes are not the area where chances should be taken…

the man that is president or what ever he is is not right of mind, life to people of his nature is nothing, it would make him smile to leave his mark on the world say such as hitler

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