Has this been a bad week for Democrats?

David Paterson is bleeding staff.

Charlie Rangel is caught being corrupt.

A number of former supporters cut ties to Rangel.

Democrats questioned on their promise to drain the swamp and have the most open and ethical Congress in history.

Eric Massa plans to leave Congress over a scandal.

Yet another…

No! Haven’t you heard what Reid said? “Only 36000 people lost their jobs today, which is really good.” ……………………. We’re in such good hands.

You forgot Specter’s condescension in the direction of colleague, Michelle Bachmann on the radio because of the fact she dared to speak of prosperity and jobs as priorities. additionally, NYers are speaking up approximately their concerns over the imminent terrorists’ trials of their honest city, bringing up risk-free practices and logistical subjects. The week is very very nearly over and that’s an excellent alleviation to the infamous triangle of failure: (obama, pelosi and reid). What new dramas will ensue next week? we will all stay tuned and save our arms crossed.


The Left wing killer is a Obama fan Truth-er loony toon . Democrats is the most corrupt party .

Its been a bad decade, not week, for America. Our politicians are way to polarized to care about you and me. Both sides are all about “being right” and not about “doing right”.

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