Have you heard about Joe the Republican’s day?

What do you think? Is this an average day in the Life of Joe Republican?

Joe gets up at 6 am and fills his coffeepot with water to prepare his morning coffee. The water is clean and good because some tree-hugging liberal fought for minimum water-quality standards. With his first swallow of water, he takes…

I can see why he forgets to pay taxes and child support. He is too busy hating liberals who care for his well being.

The people who are always screaming about Democrats, and their pork barrel spending are too naive to realize that there is just as much pork barrel spending done by the Republicans. It’s a common belief that Democrats do the most of the wasteful spending, but I’ve read unbiased articles, and have seen an unbiased documentary, that proved both are equally guilty. But people are too willing to except “facts” without question, so this pork barrel myth won’t die without a fight.

Did you hear about LaVern the Liberal he enjoys the freedoms in America because Joe the Conservative fought off the Japanese the U SSR from taking over his country LaVern the Liberal can rag the hell out of the religion of the land as Islam has not beat them into submission

Yes, Joe gets to enjoy all these tax payer paid benefits, because the liberals got them all passed, so everyone gets to pay and take part of the system. Also, now that everyone is paying taxes for these benefits that liberals passed, Joe’s business can’t afford to pay him as much as they would like so he could buy a house on his own without Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

Joe also gets the benefits of the liberal led efforts to create infrastructure and safe environments, but that’s not really a liberal base. Even moderate conservatives are for those improvements.

Joe’s father however, isn’t doing very well on Social Security because it doesn’t pay enough or keep up with inflation, and could have instead taken that money and invested it himself, so that tax-payers wouldn’t have to.

And now, the economy is drying up, so guess what’s going to go first? All those benefits that liberals made to make life easier are going to dry up and those who relied on them will cry entitlement to a system that can no longer afford to give benefits to all, because no one will no longer be able to pay for it.

Why are jobs being outsourced? Because it’s cheaper. Why do businesses have production done out of country? Because it’s cheaper. Why’s it cheaper? Taxes, artificially high wages, and Free Trade Agreements.

Yes, thank you to dissenting opinion of big businesses to improve the quality of life for those of the non-rich. The efforts are needed. But whenever one side gets their way completely, the taxing scale tips too far in one direction.

Joe the conservative pays outrages taxes and gets the same benefits that Jim the Poor Guy gets without paying for at all. Get Jack the Rich to pay his fair share of taxes and encourage him to keep his business here, get the government off Joe’s back and let him save some damn money, and encourage Jim to make more for his life [maybe Jack could hire him in his new in-country business.]

How? Get rid of a two-party system. It’s a false dichotomy with choices on the extremes who market to the middle, or the middle who market to extremes. Instead, open up the system to allow more than two choices so you can better choose someone who represents more than one or two of your political agenda goals. Don’t stick with the term Liberal or Conservative.

As you can see, labeling yourself as one or the other gives you less credibility than voicing your opinion to a subject matter.

I digress, the point of this post is: Yes, liberals did thing that conservatives benefit from. Some of them are good. All of them are at a cost. Many are unsustainable. Conservatives, while they may not be motivated by greed, make decisions that look like so. Public needs should be met, but at what point is a persons life not a public need?

I usually skip over long questions because they are usually “preachy” or outright lies.

However, your post is great — and so true. My husband and I have said Joe the Plumber does not have enough sense to realize how much better off he’d be with Obama as President.

Hope a few “Joe the Republicans” will read your question and comments. Thanks again — a lot of thought went into that.

There are no self-made men nor women. Joe wants the comforts of society without the costs.

He’ll keep all of his tax money, and when he sees he won’t be able to afford clean water, air, food, nor decent streets/housing or electricity, he’ll be the first in line screaming for some gubmint cheese.

It’s admirable to think that those who’ve done a good job of maximizing they’re opportunities get to reap the rewards, but it’s arrogant and misguided to think that those opportunities come cheap or are self-made.

Joe should have his birthday a government approved holiday. He has done more for America than Martain Luther King. Maybe we should drop King and replace him with Joe.

Hail Joe king or the wild frontier.


I appreciate this. I’m one of those “damned hateful cons”, but I’m not so stupid as to not understand the value of another group. This undermines and misunderstands the Conservative movement, btw 🙂 but I see what this is getting at and I like it.

Wow, you summed it up perfectly!
Funny thing is, people will still bash you for writing this, they’ll make unintelligent false claims about Obama, and continue their hate-filled rants.

I wish everyone could read this, thank you!

You are entitled to be as delusional as you choose although I’m not buying.
Negotation and by that I mean the pork barreling: giving this to get that is how funds and benefits are disbursed.
To consider each measure on it’s own merit would stop all this foolishness. It would simplify and expose who is voting for what.
Obama is against stopping the pork.

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