I hate my husband’s big smelly dog, but my hubby adores him. What’s a wife to do?

I have NEVER been a dog lover. But, because I love my husband, I agreed to take him and his dog for better or for worse.

We lived together for a year before we got married 9 months ago. Yes, I knew he had that horse he calles a dog (he’s a great dane, lab mix), but I figured after a while I’d get used…

Foget the evil comments, you’re very pretty.. Do you have enough space to keep the dog outdoors. Personally I would hate to have that huge thing in my house.. My husband would go MAD as he is obsessed with cleanliness!! You know it could be an issue when you have kids because of allergies and all the dirt the dog brings into the home. Hope you guys come to some decision.. Rememeber don’t neglect the dog if you keep it outdoors!! Good Luck!!

We have 2 dogs (not to mention 2 guinea pigs, and a cat). A lab/boxer/husky mix (she’s a shedder), and a schnauzer. It is very possible to have a clean and clean smelling house. Most people don’t even know we have dogs until they see them. Some of it starts with your furnace and the filters. Change them more often because hair does get into the ventilation system and then it’s blown all over the house (as you already know). You may even want to have your vents swept out which you should do anyway. I vacuum every day, and we brush the lab mix a few times a week to get the loose hair. I think part of the problem is you just hate dogs. Since he is the one that loves him, have him brush him and run the vacuum. On the bright side, as large as this dog is he won’t live forever. He is already at least 2, most great danes only live 10 years as an average. Usually the bigger the dog, the shorter the life span. The kids will love this dog if you have any when it’s around, even if you don’t.

Oh my God, you ask how can you tell your husband you want to get rid of the dog without hurting him? That will not be possible and is only a fantasy in your head. If he loves the dog, he will be devastated to loose him.

Dogs and babies go well together, like peanut butter and jelly. Anyone who knows animals and dogs is well aware of this fact. Kids adore dogs, and only develop a fear of dogs if a parent has an unnatural fear of dogs.

If he gets a bath every week, he does not have an icky dog smell, you just hate dogs and anything that reminds you of a dog.

You state your problem differently here then you did in the other question. Here it sounds like he had the dog BEFORE you got together. That is exactly how it sounds here.

You both need to get your butts in for couples counseling. There is no way to avoid breaking his heart. Your cold heart towards his buddy who has real feelings will devastate him.

There is no way without hurting him. My husband and I go head to head about our lab. We’ve had her since a puppy and she is probably the most annoying dog you could ever meet. I love her though. He suggests getting rid of her and I tell him the dog is not going anywhere. I feel like she is one of our children.

Try to understand you husband’s feeling about the dog. If you know he would be hurt by you asking him to get rid of the dog then don’t do it. Try compromising with him some. Ask if you could put a nice house outside for the dog and make the dog a play area if you don’t like the dog in your home. The only thing is you still would have to bring the dog in when it is too hot or too cold outside. I know my in-laws confine their Rottweiler to their kitchen and now the dog knows that where her place is. There are several things you can do….Good luck

how can you hate a dog when all they do is love you?
you know dogs actually make great guardians for children most of the time, he will probably protect your kid as if it was his own. [and i doubt that you kid would care about dog hair on the carpet]
and slobbering and smelling are two things the dog has NO controll over, so instead of getting rid of the dog, just make him an outside dog, big slobbery dogs [i have one] like that are supposed to live outside anyway to get exercise, and only let them in for like an hour a day or so.

If you were looking for a real solution to a dog problem, you should ask this question in the dog section where people there have dealt with similar problems. Here you are only going to get both silly answers as well as people who either hate or love dogs. A real solution awaits you there.

No I would not get rid of my spouse or the dog. You agreed to take them both for better or for worse, that is a promise which is part of your marriage vows, the way you put it. As I see it, you are now considering breaking your marriage vows and leaving your husband. If I was your husband, I could see the trust breaking down in the marriage BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT KEEPING YOUR PROMISE TO TAKE THEM BOTH.

I echo Charles in that you need counseling. Good luck

You knew about the dog, you made a deal, you stick with the deal you made. The dog stays.

I think you just need to relax a bit. NO dog slobbers enough to justify shampooing the carpets every week.

And it’s not a problem for a baby – an antiseptic environment is actually HARMFUL.

I think you need to relax a bit. Sounds like you are a bit compulsive about cleanliness. That’s going to do more harm to a child than a bit of dog slobber.

Just wait til the baby starts eating the dog food! 😀

Yeah, they do. Dirt, too. It’s part of growing up.

I inherited my Mother’s big smelly dog. Even just after she was washed (shampoed and rinsed several times) she would still smell.
So I decided to make up a rinse with some antbacterial stuff in it that you put in the final rinse of your clothes.
Here in Australia it’s called “Caneston Hygiene Rinse”.
It killed the bacteria that were causing the smell and worked really well.

I figured that if it was safe enough to be in a final rinse of our clothes, it would probably be safe for the dog.

It’s your own fault. You already lived with the dog for over a year. If you weren’t used to him by then you should have brought this up before you got married.

Maybe your husband should just get rid of you.

No, you will have to hurt him, but then again, unless you own a palace, your husband is being a bit selfish to you and the dog. A dog like that needs a mansion, not a house, also they slobber everywhere so shouldn’t really be in the house and that slobber also carries germs with it. The dog needs a kennel built in the garden, like the one in the movie Beethoven or he has gotta go!!!

P.S. the amount of effort you put into this email means it is a big problem, and i am suprised he hasn’t figured it out yet, if you don’t get rid of it your anger will get worse and the marriage will suffer in the end.

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