I have a crush on a anime character. is it okay?

I have a crush on a character from case closed. my friends call me a psycho and always tease me. they say it is not normal. is it okay can you please tell me?

Dude tell your friends to eat crap/ ****. it is COMPLETELY okay to have a crush on an anime character. i watch case closed too and i have a crush on vi graythorn/ ai haibara. if my friends tease me i tell them to eat my crap/****.

A lot of people have a crush on a Anime chara, and it’s quite normal. Many people only watch some Animes because they think the characters are hot, too. And there’s actually a site for “marrying” a Anime chara.
…But there even existed this case where a japanese man ACTUALLY tried to OFFICIALLY marry an Anime chara!
So don’t worry, you ain’t alone and not as far as psycho as some other Anime lovers 😉

Don’t worry I have crushes on them too.
Kirito from sao
L and Near from death note
Manabe from kotoura-san
The main character dude in Kaze no Stigma

So you’re not alone!

I don’t think it’s abnormal to find certain characters attractive. A lot of them are designed specifically to be that way, and (since it’s fiction) it’s easy to present characters that don’t have flaws.

If you’re in Junior High, then crushing on an anime character is probably pretty normal. Other kids are doing the same thing with equally unattainable targets such as characters from Twilight, or actors, or pop stars like Justin Bieber. None of those crushes is any more realistic or useful than your own.

On the other hand, if you’re in college and writing stories about where Ran (Rachel) leaves Shinichi (Jimmy) for you… then perhaps you’re taking cartoons too seriously. At some point you have to deal with the difference between fantasy and reality. In the end, every character in Detective Conan (Case Closed) is just a drawing.

Fantasy isn’t harmful as long as it’s recognized for what it is, and not used as a substitute for reality.

YOur friends are just a piece of #$%@. Well I also have crush on anime characters But the problem is I like Hinagiku from Hayate the Combat Butler and Shana from Shakugan no Shana very much. And I can’t decide man.

There’s no problem with that! I mean, the characters are DESIGNED to be hot (both men and women), they’re just fictional, so it’s not like you have a crush on someone you don’t know.
As long as you don’t like, do anything uttery disturbing, it’s perfectly fine!

Hey don’t worry about it its totally normal like you I’m attracted to at least one girl in every anime I’ve seen.anime characters are made to look perfect both physically and mentally so it would be hard not to find one attractive.

Don’t listen to your friend!! Its completely okay! I even have a few crushes myself 🙂 And my friends have a few anime crushes too.. Theres nothing wrong with it, so you’re fine!

I have a crash on one too .. I guess it’s fine .. I always wish I was a cartoon so that I can be with him 😛 .. but I don’t see a connection with your age or whether you’re in high school or college .. I’m 4th year Engineering student in university yet I love him cause I love him .. 😐 I think children would never think of love and crash it is only what we do! that’s more normal than a child falling in love!!!

sure! i have a crush on an anime character too

I guess it’s fine as long as it is respected for what it is. Writing love letters and sending them in the post is just ******* retarded. So seem to be your friends. But just thinking of them as fit and wishing they were real is absolutely fine.

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