I lost my virginity today we didn’t use a condom but he pulled out can I still get pregnant?

So I lost my virginity today, and it was worth it. But I’m afraid because we didn’t use a condom. He doesn’t have pre-come or anything, and he pulled out and came on my stomach. Could I still possibly get pregnant? I’m 18, and my period should be coming up soon, but sometimes it’s late because…

Yes. You can still be pregnent. Why? Because you didn’t use birth control. Being a virgin does not exclude you from getting pregnant by your first sexual experience. And by the way, the male, during sexual intercourse, CONSTANTLY emits and deposits small amounts of semen. Semen contains sperm. You know, his little swimmers that search for your target. Most men don’t feel these small amounts because it’s not ejaculation. You know how to do it, but you don’t know what you’re doing. Too bad. Hope you got away with it this time. But, Smarten Up.

Yes you can still get pregnant. I know you say he doesn’t have pre-come but how do you KNOW FOR SURE if he was inside of you? To be on the safe side I would say got get the morning after pill! Depending on where you live is how you can get it… here it’s over the counter (don’t need a prescription) but you have to ask the pharmacist for it. Here it costs about $30. Just go to your local pharmacy and ask about how to get it. If they say you need to get a prescription go to a walk in clinic and get one. Or perhaps there’s a women’s clinic near you that can supply it to you.

For next time either get on the pill right away so this doesn’t happen or make him wear a condom.

Also with you period coming up “soon” and you not having a regular cycle the risks of being pregnant are higher as you could be in your ovulation stage right now and that’s prime baby making time!

Yes you could be pregnant. You’re young, active (swimmer), and healthy I presume. And if you were ovulating, the chances are even greater. Why would you not use a condom? The ‘pull-out’ is an absolute myth that should never be thought of as a means of ‘protection.’ I hope things turn out for the best.

Although I need to agree with one of the crucial persons who ask why you are having intercourse if you do not know these solutions. I will be able to have an understanding of that possibly you failed to ever make time to know these things and ought to comprehend them now… If you are underneath 18, I recommend that you simply stop having intercourse altogether for awhile, and do some study for your possess sake. Sex is excellent, however you must recognize the details earlier than you begin! There is quite often a “hazard” that you would be able to get pregnant throughout intercourse with any style of safeguard. Nonetheless, your odds of getting pregnant are very very low whilst utilizing contraception. Most types of contraception provide a ninety-ninety nine% score of walk in the park, for no longer getting pregnant. It is continuously a riskless wager to fear about fitting pregnant, just do not let yourself grow to be so involved that you simply can’t enjoy your self, ever. I’d imagine that you will have to normally go talk to a health care professional and ask all the questions your brain can provide you with! Or study it all online, at the very least. You can find all kinds of things about risk-free sex and things to do if you suppose you’ll be pregnant. It’s just a subject of taking the time to do it! Hope that helps, and enjoy trustworthy sex!

You can’t always see or feel what comes out of him, especially when you are loosing he is inside of you, just so you know, any time you have unprotected sex, even pull and pray, you can get pregnant. Please be careful next time, spermicide condoms usually work really well. If you miss your period just take a test and see. Its too soon to tell, just try to relax, stress could make your mind think you are and create the symptoms even if you arent.

Every guy has pre-come. Yes you could be pregnant. Why does beeing a swimmer make your period late? That sounds unhealthy.

Well done honey , you did a great job and I hope you had enjoyed. If you are 100% sure he pulled it out and cummed in your stomach I guess there is no way to be pregnant so do not worry

All men have pre-***. You can’t always see it. Hopefully, you lucked out and learned a valuable lesson (which is to get on birth control pills). I hope you are not pregnant. Everyone thinks “it won’t happen to me” but it does. Good luck.

yes, you can still get pregnant. although he didn’t *** inside you, its very possible that some of it got inside you in some way. there’s no way to be sure whether he got you pregnant or not. the only way to find out is a pregnancy test.

Yes you can, just wait for morning sickness or your period to start

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