If atheists in R&S tell Christians they shouldn’t celebrate Dec.25 because of its pagan origins, why do they..?

……Refer to the days of the week in reverence of the various pagan gods: Thursday (Thor), Sunday (Sun God), Wednesday (Woden’s Day), etc.?

In other words, if they consider Christian’s hypocritical for adopting pagan holidays as the dates for various Christian holidays [i.e., holy days], why are such…

YOU know—-you have no control over which day it is—-but you do have control over what you celebrate—-and saying that Christmas has its roots in paganism is like saying 1+1 = 2—-non-denominational Christian here who obeys God and does not worship idols—CHRISTMAS IS INSPIRED BY A SPIRIT THAT IS FROM BENEATH—-

Good sir, do you refer to Wednesday as Wednesday? If so, you are being hypocritical. If not, how the hell do you communicate days with people?
The names of days are a common part of the English language, just like Christmas is a common part of western society. Being atheist, we don’t even believe in the day’s namesakes. We don’t celebrate the fact that Wednesday is named after Odin. We just say it because that is what the English language deems it.
Christmas on the other hand is a celebration of the birth of Jesus even though the origins of Christmas are not Christian at all and was used as a cheap converting tool.

“refer to the days of the week in reverence of the various pagan gods”

Shakespeare on noobish comments like that:

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.

“why are such critics not hypocrites for sustaining the pagan practice of calling the days of the week by names which CELEBRATE pagan gods?”

Because there’s a huge difference between using a word with religious etymology and changing the content of a religion which claims to be “absolutely true and therefore, unchanging” to make it more palatable to people who want it to change before they join it.

A 30 day calender with a leap year is based on the ancient Babylonian cuneiform calender. It is not the calender that God Yahweh told Moses and the Israelites to follow. The Gregorian Calender is pagan and became a tradition in Christianity because the Anglicans were pagans – that is a sect with in Protestantism.

First and foremost, the English language is a constantly evolving language that borrows heavily from other languages in order to become part of the common lexicon.

Interesting question. As someone who was raised Anglican and now a pagan, I still love to hear Christmas carols and decorate a tree. I also contribute to the local food bank and a church that takes in the homeless in our very cold Canadian winters. Why? Because we are all human and we need to help when the need is there. And I am more than happy to help be it a soup kitchen or a shelter, even if it is run by a church.

It’s just a convention, and most atheists don’t consider the Christian adoption of Pagan holidays hypocritical, but merely evidence of the fallacious nature of claims that the Christian tradition is ‘original’ and ‘sacred’.

It’s not a matter of WHO celebrates those holidays or who refers to those days by those names, it’s a matter of people claiming that they know everyhting about “their” holidays, when in reality, they don’t know the pagan origins of the holidays that they’re claiming have Christian origins. If an atheist goes around claiming that Easter was originally “atheist day” or some bull$hit like that, I’d be giving him/her hell about it too. But it seems like only Christians claim pagan holidays are their own without actually researching them…

Days of the week are common usage. Everybody uses them because everybody else uses them.

Christians began celebrating a Pagan holiday as the birthday of Jesus in order to snag converts/make it easier for converts. There is no real reason Christians celebrate a holiday on Dec 25th.

Also: I like pagan mythology.

Because we’re not claiming that Saturday is God’s Day, or Christ’s Day, or Hades’s Day, or Satan’s Day. It’s just another day (Saturn’s Day, but whatever). Whereas Christians have changed it to Christ’s Mass, which it’s not (historically, all evidence says Christ was born in Autumn, not Winter).

Secondly, we don’t care if we celebrate something Pagan. It’s just another nonsensical religious system to us. But Christians usually consider everything Pagan to be “evil, God-insulting, sinful activity”. So to do something they consider sinful, and to lie about it to try and convince themselves and others that it’s for their GOD, that’s where the problem is. Not in the day itself.

-IMP 😉 🙂

Thats like saying all Christians are Young-Earth Creationists who think were living on a 6000 year old rock. Most atheists celebrate Christmas as a time of giving, just like most Christians are not young earth creationists. Sometimes the loudest group isn’t necessarily the biggest group.

Actually, you should direct this argument against christians. They are the ones who should not use words that refer to the evil other gods. Atheists do not care, because we recognize the word reverence to be a silly christian word that does not apply to us.

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