If US-Russia relation get worse and starts a War, Will Russia Bomb America … ?

Or Russia will annihilate US troops in Germany?

Well, death would be swift. Single unbearably bright flash.

It is not late to stop warmongering. Because there will be no “after” this war.

btw, 7 years ago Russia wanted to join NATO, Putin has supported US after 9/11.
But US has done everything to alienate Russia.

The USA would destroy the Russian military. And Russia would have to use nukes to survive. Putin already said this. He even admits that the USA could beat him.

Funnily enough there is a threat to the USAs navy ! The Russians have, and have sold missiles to China and Iran that they have no defence against ! They are worried big time ! The “Sunburn missile” travels at mach 2.5 and cannot be stopped once fired America`s 5th fleet , if cornered, could be lost in the waterway between Iran n Iraq –go ahead google it, you`ll be amazed One war to many for the USA im afraid…

If US and Russia will go to the war against each other, they will simply destroy each other and the rest of the civilization…

The modern wars are not conducted via armed forces but rather economically… I would watch out for China if anyone…

i think that the european countries will force the us to fight alone being that they would not want to have a war that is between the us and russia on their own land.

No. While Russia is feeling it’s oats right now, it wants no part of starting a major war.

Russia’s only hope in a war with the US is China…

Russia will not start war on US or any NATO member

butter u uneducated piece of shyt…wat muslims have to do with terrorists? it could be any one…..watch ur mouth then talk….

Russia will attack US if US dont take thier missile defence system from poland….

That is usually what happens when two countries are at war.

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