Im addicted to music : Bad Muslim?

I just don’t know what has happened. I started off this year making a reoslution to pray, and now I’ve gotten to the point where Im so busy && lazy, that i dont. And Im addicted to music.

How can I start being a better muslim?
I may not be able to pray all 5 prayers every day, but I want to atleast…

Just try and do ur best and pray. Your better than some muslims. You know how you mean you say to others to do good and ur not. thats just like all the muslims here. they all think there good shiekhs but there not.

If you can acknowledge that something is not good then you are in a better position to correct it. Music is haram. It weakens the heart according to some scholars. There are reasons that we say that something is haram and there are others that are not apparent to us. Allah knows His creation our weaknesses and strengths, if He commands you to stay away from something it is better to obey, even if the intellect makes you question why. The mind can be an evil creature and the intellect has its limits. The knowledge of the unseen we cannot penetrate that knowledge, so simply because someone uses logic to convince you that music is not haram does not necessarily make it so. Shaytan made a pact with Allah that he would mislead the majority of the world. when allah created Adam(Pbuh) Shaytan found a flaw within Adam(Pbuh) and he noticed that Adam(Pbuh) was hollow meaning that he could not control his appetites. Recitation of the Quran will protect you. Seek refuge in Allah and start praying sister. You say that you are addicted to music, I was addicted also. It can be changed and the first step was you acknowledging that it wrong. So read the Quran to remind yourself of your limits and how the Creator has none and knows what is best for you.

As Salaamu Alaikum

Anything that you constantly do or listen to gets into your heart, such as music. Stay in the masjid and submit yourself to Allah, and spend time with muslim brothers as they will keep you on the right path and help you stay away from sin. If you crush your ego and grow a brotherly attachment to the muslims in the masjid, then your heart will start become soft and your connection with Allah will feel stronger.

You know what, I have researched alot on this and I don’t think from what I have seen music is haram.

BUT if it is music which leads you to sin, contains or promotes violence, sex, drugs etc. or may distract you from doing your prayers and other good deeds. Then that music is haram, because it is not doing any good for you.

It is fine to listen to music or islamic nasheeds. It does not say anywhere in the Quran that it is haram. Anyway, that is my opinion. If I am wrong then please Allah (swt) forgive me.

You need to know that once you miss just ONE prayer it becomes a habit and one by one you get worse and worse. I know, because it happens to me too. I love music, and I love my religion too but I know when to stop whatever I am doing and prostrate to Allah (swt) for my daily prayers.

THE HYPOCRITES are very much hated ones by Allah, the Messenger, and those who follow him. They come saying “I believe” and go out saying “I do not believe” (Holy Qur-an, 2nd Chapter). Bear that in mind sister, you need to boost your knowledge of Islam. Then you will be wise enough to fear Hell and the after life. For one who misses their prayer will be a terrible punishment. Allah (swt) forgives everyone & everything if they repent but He will NEVER forgive one who intentionally misses their prayer.

I know it may be hard at first, but you have to keep Allah (swt) in mind at all times. Nobody is perfect, just turn to Allah (swt) whenever you have a problem. He is your creator as well as your friend. Sis, you HAVE to make your iman stronger.

And here’s some nasheeds you can listen to which I find are even better than the normal arabic/english songs I listen to lol:………

You can email me if you want more. I have a whole load lolz. Also I posted the links to make it easier for you.

I truly hope you will follow my advice, for your own sake.

Remember, this life is not forever.


Sister, I understand what you are going through, you feel spiritually detached and yet you feel as if you can’t do anything about it. You need to understand that this life is a test of many things: patience, self-control, etc. And there are two paths, one filled with joy, and this is the path of Iman, and this is the path of Allah(SWT), and the other path is of confusion and sorrow and this is the path of the shaytan, May Allah(SWT) protect us from his evil. Now in order for you to come to terms, you have to understand and know what path you wish to choose. And InshAllah sister, you will choose the correct path, the path of Iman and joy. The shaytan knows his fate is to be burning in Hell and he is our enemy. His goal is to turn us against the path of righteousness so that we will not taste the beauty of Paradise. Music is something you can stop. Don’t tell yourself you can’t because this is the shaytan speaking to you, he’s telling you, you can’t stay without music, when indeed you can. Seek refuge in Allah (SWT) and ask Him for His Guidance and Mercy, and don’t turn to music for answers…turn to the Quran, listen to lectures, and Nasheed. You can do it! Fill your mind with remembrance, and no matter how much work you have, no matter what you have to do, you MUST pray, this is a way to connect to your Creator…ask Him in your sujood, pray for Guidance and refuge from the evils of this materialistic world. Everyone is led the wrong way sometimes in their life, but it takes true faith to recognize it and put an end to it…now that you’ve recognized it, try your best to fix it, and if you feel it’s hopeless remember that with Allah(SWT) there is hope, and remember that Allah(SWT) loves His slaves and doesn’t want us to fall astray, and He is forgiving, so ask for forgiveness…if you need further assistance feel free to email me, keep me and all fellow Muslims in your prayers, JAK:)

p.s.: there are various lectures regarding this issue, search these speaker: Muhammad Al shareef, Yahya Ibrahim, Yusuf Estes

You want to be connected to Allah Then Pray 5 times a day rather then 1 May Allah guide you to do so.

Yes music is haram

you HAVE to pray. your prayer is the first thing you’ll be asked about. how are you going to explain yourself to Allah on that day. look up the timings for each prayer and PRAY PRAY PRAY. it only takes a few minutes and yet it will benefit you in the long run. do not go to sleep without praying all the prayers.

wow, jcgii just got the business, LoL. Yeah, i’m pretty much making those same mistakes, and everything seems to be crumbling down, I’m so angry at myself these days. Only prayer can lift this weight off my shoulders. Surround yourself with more good quality muslims, and do whatever it takes to do your wudu and pray, we cant afford to lose this battle within ourselves.

Just listen to Yousef Islam (Cat Stevens) only!

Aww sis. Well done for actually knowing and wanting to go to the staright path =)
I was just like you, trust me. But all of a sudden its like i felt that what i was doing was tootally wrong, and i started to pray, Alhumdulillah!! You have to try sis, put it in your heart that you have to try, and make Allah (SWT) happy. Allah (SWT) loves every single person soo much, the least we can do is make Him happy. Try to pray as many Namaz’s as you can (if you find it hard at first, start off by at least praying one). And then try to pray wo, then three and then four and if you can (i miss Zuhr coz of school, but i pray all five on weekends) five. Oh and definetly read Qur’an everyday. If you don’t understand Arabic then get a Qur’an with english translations – thats what i’m reading now and it helps so much to know the meaning of the Qur’an ^_^ Aaand read Qur’an after Fajr, its the best time =)
You can’t stop listening to music just like that, I’ve tried but it doesn’t work. Alhumdulillah i don’t listen to music at all now, only nasheeds. Start off by cutting down the amount of time you listen to music, and focus on praying Namaz and reading Qur’an. If you’re tempted to listen to music just tell yourself NO. Oh and find some nasheeds (i have a few good ones, and all of the Qur’an Surahs if you want them =)) Eventually, you’ll get used to not listening to music as much. Then start to listen to nasheeds more often than music, and when you’ll do that Insha’Allah, delete EVERY source of music you have. Whether its from your computer, mp3, ipod whatever, and listen to nasheeds only instead.
And remember when you can’t read namaz (menses) then keep doing Dhikr (like doing tasbeeh).
May Allah (SWT) bless you sis!!
Allah Hafiz!

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