Im 13 yrs old and i often get harrassed by older boys/men!!! They want me 4 sex and stuff like that!!!! i dont mind boys my own age flirtin wiv es but not like this!!!! im starting to get scared of men!!! they always seem to be staring at me and i hate it sooo much!!! HELP PLZZ!

You’re not scared of men, they just make you feel uncomfortable when they stare or say sexual things to you. I’m a grown woman and when men do that to me, I feel the same way. Usually, that means you feel threatened or worried that they are violating your sense of control. IT’S COMPLETELY NATURAL. When an older guy flirts with you, just say “Flirting with a 14 year old really isn’t cool” or “I’m sure my cousin/brother/dad would LOVE to hear what you just said to me. Do you mind if I share?” and just walk off confidently. This will get them to shut up real quick. If someone is really making you uncomfortable, tell your parents. I had to do that when I was your age because this older guy in HS was rubbing on my leg. He called the guys parents and went over there to talk to them. The guy tried to tease me on the bus the next day, but I told him “Hey, I told you to leave me the hell alone and you didn’t. So, I had to get my dad involved to get your butt in check.”

It’s natural. Boys these day think about only sex, well… most of them, you should be happy that boys are staring at you. I mean girls would kill for that type of thing, but if the boys are harassing you then that’s not good. I don’t know what to say.. I guess you have got to live with it, or you can step up to the plate and tell them to stop. Or.. you can somehow turn yourself ugly then they’ll stop in the blink of an eye. I don’t know..

see this is a age wen both sex male and female undergo puberty which brings physical changes in them
as in india sexual harassment is already an unaccepted truth..if you dont like boys older to you, u must not befriend dem
it is nthing lyk hating men bcause all men are not bad some are really gud friends
if you come accross any sort of harassment u must raise alarm and do not be scared
be bold yaar!!
take care,gudbye

BE BOLD my dear….And stay firm, Even if some one tries to ogle at u , stare at him back…and show the confidence in u ,that he cant do anything with u. Girls are gifted with this power, believe me..if u make others feel that u r scared of them then definitely they will try to harass u more. so be bold my dear..slowly develop the confidence in u..Surely u can keep them at a distance.

Most men will holler or stare at you because they haven’t got anything to say or do but would like to have a reltionship with you and are too shy to be civil with you.

Just ignore them. You will get used to it

You need to stay away from the situations that are being with the older men. Talk with your parents.

Although yew prob won’t get them to stop looking at you
just don’t pay attention to them. If they only want you for Sex walk away. Don’t let them get to you because thats hurtful. Always be yourself and if people don’t like you for who you are, you shouldn’t be around them.

if you just seem very sure of yourself they seem to get the point or every time they stare at you go to them and tell them to stop or you will tell the teacher you feel weird around the (boys name)

if men ask u to have sex when ur 13 thats sexual abuse tell ur parents. and men stare at all girls! im 11 and they stare at me. they probably think kidz like up r dumm and pointless(ans yes ur still a child)

omg same here. i would just kick them in the leg or where it hurts and run for ur life!!! 😀

if their looking at u just be like “WHAT R U LOOKING AT, CREEP?!?!?”

😀 😀
hope it helps…. a little

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