Iran Develops Nuclear Weapons?

I have a debate tomorrow and was wondering if anyone had some ideas to how we know Iran is developing nuclear weapons… please only pros… and if possible could you cite your source

I’m no pro on the topic.

But in my opinion, why would Iran want to create nuke bomb?
All I can say is Iran want’s to develop such nuclear power plant for it’s development of it’s country, but sad to say US of A want’s Iran out of the way because when that happens Iran would be a more developed country than they are.

But suppose that if Iran uses it for destruction or whatever bad things I think countries would and must intervene in such creating this for weapon of massive destruction.

Bush could not even cite out why Iran is a still a threat.
Sadly, we need certain evidences for public view to know who or which one is right and thus if this creation of the so-called nuclear weapon is for the greater good.

Iran has numerous “nuclear” facilities. While there is not a tremendous amount of evidence at this point, one must look at Iran’s standing in the world. The are a terrorist regime. They support terrorism in fighting US troops in Iraq, they continuously call for the elimination of Israel. They also play games with the United Nations. These are not evidence of nuclear weapons, but merely reasons why they should not be allowed to acquire them.

(This is just one of the articles talking about Iran developing nuclear weapons. Got this from news coming from Israel.)

*Russia Sending Nuclear Fuel to Iran*

In a dramatic turnaround, Russian president Vladimir Putin indicated Friday that Moscow would send uranium to Iran’s atomic reactor in Bushehr. International Atomic Energy inspectors were invited to the Novosibirsk Plant on Nov. 26 to verify and seal the fuel before shipment. On that day, too, the US-promoted Middle East conference is provisionally set to open in Annapolis, Maryland. The Quartet of which Russia is a member will not be there.

This decision means that Moscow has backed away from the commitments Putin gave President Bush and Israeli prime minister Olmert, after his mid-October talks with Iranian leaders in Tehran broke down in discord. He then promised to withhold the fuel from the Bushehr reactor and in fact, pulled all the Russian staff out before they had completed work on the project’s final stages.

Olmert received Putin’s commitment to withhold the uranium fuel from Iran when they met in the Kremlin on Oct. 18 and passed it on to President Bush and later to French president Nicolas Sarkozy and British premier Gordon Brown in special trips he made to Paris and London. The Israeli prime minister announced then that Israel had a true friend in the Russian leader.

Olmert is deeply embarrassed by Putin’s about-face, putting it mildly. It also bodes ill for the third round of sanctions, for which the Bush administration is pushing at the UN Security Council, where Russian holds a veto, now that the nuclear watchdog confirmed in its latest report Nov. 15 that Iran had not given up uranium enrichment.

DEBKAfile’s Moscow sources report that the Russian president has reverted to his previous tactic of broadcasting to Muslim nations a message that Moscow has its own agenda and is willing, unlike Washington, to help them develop their nuclear programs.

The question mark hanging over UN sanctions also affects the decision on military action against Iran’s suspect military nuclear facilities, which President Bush had put on a back burner under the influence of Putin’s breach with Tehran. There was a brief thaw in the tense relations between Washington and Moscow and signs of a new willingness for compromise on both sides on such matters as the US plan to deploy anti-missile systems in East Europe.

The month-long d├ętente was abruptly curtailed Friday, Nov. 16, with Moscow’s decision to let Iran have the uranium to fuel its Bushehr reactor six months before its scheduled start-up. The step was gladly welcomed in Tehran – of course!

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