Is it true that Aisha was engaged to a Jew before she married the prophet(SAW)?

I’ve heard this a lot and am not sure if it’s real or not.

Salam alykum :

Aisha was engaged before she was married to prophet Muhammad ; that is for sure ,the man she was engaged to was ( kafir ) and that happened before the hejra ,at the time where her father Abu baker were not aware that is forbidden to for his daughter to marry non Muslim .

I am taking the opportunity to point out that shikh Khaled Al jundy has made a research in which he proved that the age of Aisha could not had been be possible to be less than 13 years when she married prophet Muhammad (pbuh) ,based on the historical facts involving Aisha and her engagement .

She was married to the prophet in MADINA ,it is well known .

As sala’amu o’aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barkatuth. I am not a Yehudi, nor an Isahai nor a Mussalman. I am merely a humble Servant of Allah [subanahu wa ta’ala]. I think, aziz, that the term “pedophile” is used, not taking into consideration those times, but, judging Abu’l Kasim Mohammad bin Abd’allah al Muttailib al Hashim al Quraish by the present day standards. Is that wrong? Perhaps from one perspective it is, but, from another it is not. However, rather that look at such little things, I would rather speak of what is Sahih or not. If you feel so much about setting records right, may I invite you to kindly Answer my Question which is aimed at clarifying a more important point of dissension among the Isah’i and the Mussalmin? The link is given below. Jazakallahun khairan, aziz. I appreciate your da’awa’a. Allah hafiz Akela, the Lone Wolf

No it is an absolute lie. Her Nikah happend with Prophet in Mecca. No any Jew lived in Mecca. There were plenty of
Muslim companions of her father Abu Bakr and Prophet Mohammad. Why would Abu Bakr engage her with any Jew.

No Jew would marry her when she is still a child under the age of 8 so I doubt this story is true. If you said Christian, It would make a little more sense.

no by the time aiesha was born her family was muslim and its is haram for a women 2 marry a kaffar what the hell have you been reading

Not Jew, another Muslim. She was under the age of 7 then.

“Aisha was initially betrothed to Jubayr ibn Mut’im, a Muslim whose father, though pagan, was friendly to the Muslims. When Khawla bint Hakim suggested that Muhammad marry Aisha after the death of Muhammad’s first wife (Khadijah bint Khuwaylid), the previous agreement regarding marriage of Aisha with ibn Mut’im was put aside by common consent. Watt suggests that Muhammad hoped to strengthen his ties with Abu Bakr; the strengthening of ties commonly served as a basis for marriage in Arabian culture.

Aisha was six or seven years old when betrothed to Muhammad.”

never heard it i doubte it because aisha was in mecca and jews were in al madinah

Aisha was a Muslim right? so I don’t think so would be haram for her to be married to a Non muslim.

No thats not true at all.
Prophet )p.b.u.h.)married Aisha (r.a.) i.e., engaged her when she was six and entered in relations with her as his wife when she was nine and when he died she was eighteen years old”.~!

no she was engaged to a non believer his name is Jobair bin Al Muta’m bin Udai
and he wasnt jew , he was Mushrik

جبير بن المطعم بن عدى

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