OK Atheists – Get Out Your Science Books For This One !! — Scientifically Speaking , Is It Even Possible To?

Is it even possible for the human body to survive a 500ft. fall when the human body lands on CONCRETE ?

I believe the Laws of Physics might also be helpful in your search for the truth on this one as well . Because Scientifically Speaking, it’s impossible for the human body to survive such a fall . The body…

Good point.
A star for you 🙂

Those atheists’ answers are so pathetic it’s laughable!

“But the odds against it are so high that it constitutes a “Statistcal Immposibility”. Same goes for evolution. That only leaves one possibility: God. There’s your proof, mathematically arrived at.”

Wow. Apparently Fundie Christians can fck up Geology, physics, biology, AND math now.

No, sir. There cannot POSSIBLY be other processes to help create life. Everything in the world only has two choices, if I prove the enemy wrong, I am 100% right. And I will assume my religion is correct using magical math out of 1000s of others and that therefore magical arks and horned devils are real!

Delusion at its greatest

And for the direct question, it’s true that there are a LOT of things science can’t explain. Science never gives a delusion of being able to explain EVERYTHING. If you classify anything science can’t explain as a miracle, go ahead – but it’s your definition. You should also then classify why superconductors work the way they do, the existence of dark matter, and thousands of unexplained things in biology and chemistry as “miracles”

You don’t want a real answer anyway. Nothing anyone posts will convince you otherwise. You want your God to take credit for miracles, and no credit for the things killed by diseases and natural disasters. Yeah yeah yeah, it’s Satan’s Fault

His brother did not survive.

I do not know everything. I do not live with the silly idea that a collection of writings, called the bible that came in existence by random upon random, can explain everything.

So, now the world record for surviving a fall on CONCRETE has been set to 500ft. I will try to remember that next time I want to jump from 499 ft.

If god existed AND could do miracles, he might have a few better priorities than saving this man, though I am happy for him and his family. Since he lives in the US, I hope he can pay the bills.

I hope I did not let you wait too long. I can not just cut and paste from a holy book.

edit: I did not know about the board rding. Holy cow, both might have survived if that board would have been equiped with anything that might have slowed their fall.

Why don’t you pray real hard then jump off the nearest building, just to see what happens?
Please, every part of the mans body was bleeding. He had broke bones, etc. You make it sound like he received minor injuries. You also failed to mention that he held onto the scaffolding with may or may not have contributed to his survival. When people fall in die it’s not the impact that kills them, it’s the sudden deceleration and what it does to the brain and other internal organs. If he was holding onto the scaffolding and it hit the ground first, it could have impacted some of the blow. That’s how crumple zones in cars work. My point is that there could been any number of variables coming together at the same time which allowed him to survive.
No, I don’t consider it a miracle but I see how some people would. The man is damned lucky. It’s worth investigating how he could have survived because it help save others in the future.

Obviously you are reading the wrong books. “Scientifically” it is FAR from “impossible” to survive such a fall, it’s just highly unusual.

Every year, multiple infant children fall out of windows and survive two, three or four storey falls; How? Meat bounces. Sinces infants do not understand they are in danger, their bodies remain relaxed until impact, and while they are bruised & suffer broken bones, they survive the fall. It’s highly probable that your window washer “passed out” during the fall, and being in that relaxed state is what saved him.

That doesn’t prove is wasn’t a “miracle”, but does prove one needn’t invoke anything supernatural to understand how such a thing could happen.

He would have been dead within an hour if not for dedicated, professional doctors. He was badly injured, both internally and externally. One leg alone had ten fractures. Is that a miracle?

Window washers are taught to surf their boards if they fall, to lessen the impact.

He is still in the hospital, barely out of a coma.

It was all due to modern medicine, which is not a miracle but science based due to people putting their brains to use instead of saying “God Save The Window Washers”.

You have very low standards for miracles.

A fall of 500 feet at a constant acceleration of one-g would end with the faller moving 86.48 mph – and because we’re neglecting air resistance, that’s an upper limit. Scientifically speaking, that’s *not* impossible to survive, although less than one percent of long fallers do by some estimates.

It wasn’t his time to go.

A miracle is something that goes totally against nature. Like turning water to wine, or water to blood with a touch of a finger. A miracle is bringing the dead back to life. Earnest, the Bible teaches that miracles will cease. Performing Miracles was a way to prove God and the power of his Word. We have the Bible now. Plus, only Jesus and his Apostles could perform miracles.

Edit: in response to the tirade below: Only good things come from God. It’s humans who cause disease and suffering. We bring evil and bad to our own doors when we don’t live according to God’s Word.

How many parents out there still punish their children for doing wrong? Even though you love your kids, you still punish them when they mess up. You tell your kid not to touch a hot stove and he does, what happens? He gets burned. Is it your fault? No.

I’ve heard that window washers are trained to…I’m not

making this up!…ride the window washing platform down

like a surf board!

I know you think I’m b.s.ing you, and I can’t tell you where to

verify that.

Do you remember that commercial where a guy falls and he

gets saved when a bunch of airbags get deployed.

Or the Judge Dred movie when Sly gets saved when his car

turns into a cannoli, LMAO!

Humans have survived falls from much higher, I believe the record is around 10,000 ft by a pilot whose parachute didn’t open.
He didn’t fall on concrete, he landed on a tin roof, they have a lot of give to them, I work construction, I know this.
But by all accounts, the guy really shouldn’t have survived.

The New York times
“Officials and window-washing colleagues of the two brothers speculated that they tried to ride their platform to the ground, as one window washer said he had been trained to do in such an accident.

If so, they were relying on basic physics — the platform would have generated some small amount of wind resistance, slowing the fall — and luck. “

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