POLL: Big Time Rush, Justin Bieber, One Direction or The Jonas Brothers? Which one do you prefer?

This is a hard question!!
I don’t really like Big time rush or the jonas brothers, though, so its between Justin Bieber and One Direction…
One direction!!!! 😀 😀

One direction!

One Direction, JoBros and JB 🙂 old fans of Jonas tough

None tbh lol but if i had to choose, ill say jonas brothers. They seem like the least annoying ones.

Ear Plugs

i prefer better music…but if i absolutely had to choose one, i’d go with justin bieber, at least he’s not part of a boy band…

My Genuine Find.


That’s either a twelve-year-old girl or a troll.

Big Time Rush.
just randomly pick.

ugh they all give me headaches I rather have their 15 mins of fame be done already even tho jb is way past 15 mins. let me kno when their gone >_< and ill tell u.

I don’t listen much this stuff,but I’d have to go with BTR,I kinda like their songs,I hate the others

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