Poll: Twilight Saga or The Host?


Twilight Saga


The Host, I love Niles Crane!

I wasn’t able to get through the Twilight movies.

I haven’t seen all the Saga movies, or even The Host so I can’t answer this 😀

So I’ll tell you a funny fav movie of mine “The Ugly Truth”

nothing compares to Twilight <3

prominent all time e book? Wow, it extremely isn’t basic. i admire the Harry Potter sequence and the Twilight sequence for fiction. yet for non-fiction, i circulate with “Founding Brothers” approximately George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and something of the Founders of united states of america of america. And for toddlers books, something by utilizing Helen Lester and Lynn Munsinger, besides as Dr. Seuss of course.

the twilight saga!!!!! in every book something bad happened to bella…
james, edward leaving bella, victora and voltori
i saw all 5 of the twilight saga movies too!!!!!

50 Shades Of Grey.

I haven’t seen them but I will choose the host. Seems more interesting.

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