Snakes and spiders Sydney/Melbourne Suburbs?

Hi, Myself and my husband currently live in the UK with our 9 month baby boy. We’re considering moving to OZ. Either Sydney or Melbourne. I’ve been doing a lot of research on your snakes and spiders and I’m terrified.

I’ve read that only a few people actually die of snake bites each year and…

i live in Victoria, I’ve only seen one snake in the in the wild, which was near a bushy river.i live in a neighbor hood away from the bush and i’ve never seen a snake or heard of a snake close to my home. as for spiders, they could be anywhere,if your frightened of funnel webs don’t move to Sydney although it is a very beautiful city. Melbourne is also a beautiful city (maybe not as beautiful as Sydney) and it is also the shopping capital of Australia. the crime rate in Melbourne is also lower than apartment would be a good place for you to live for a few years until your used to Australia, once you’ve settled in and you kids are a bit older you can move into a house away from the bush where spiders and snakes are far less likely to harm, you

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Seriously. Don’t worry about the snakes and spiders, you have to watch for the Drop Bears and Kangawallafoxes, lol. On a serious note, you will generally only find snakes and spiders in the suburbs if you go looking for them, even then they are few and far between. The reason no one has died from Funnelweb bites since 1981 are because of the anti venom, and quite frankly you hardly ever seen them. I don’t even think about snakes and spiders. Rule 1, don’t leave your shoes outside, if you do, shake them out and tread on them, the main spider in shoes are red back spiders, which are very rarely fatal, they are timid, and docile. I promise, you really are worrying for nothing.

Hello, well I live in suburban Sydney and I know for a fact that I have never came upon a venomous spider in my life and never seen a snake… apart from at zoos. I think you may be a bit too alarmed about this issue. The only thing that’s happened personally to me was that I had a blue-tongued lizard living in my garage for a few months. I hope you do move to Australia and enjoy it here.

I was born in UK,migrated out in 77 at 8yrs old to Melbourne,only once have i seen a snake in our back garden(5 yrs ago now) but we live near the bush and slithered off . Local papers report them being sighted in the area so it’s something we live with but not let it bother us.
I get the odd huntsman spider,just b4 xmas i saw a huntsman,my 18 yr old aussie born son FREAKED (non venomous) but i only see them generally when the seasons are changing and a leaf blower on suction gets rid of them quick smart.I have seen red back spiders but they live under wood piles and in very concealed places etc and i doubt you’ll be doing any clearing of properties etc so unlikely you will see any.Wear gloves when gardening if you want to be safe.
We did have a koala in our front gum tree one day,which was really nice to see,they growl like lions but don’t bite….much(jk),lol.
Don’t worry,my USA male contact is deathly frightened of spiders,i caught one in a jar and showed him on web cam he freaked,lmao.I’m trying to talk him into visiting me.
Sydney tends to have more venomous spider problems than Melbourne .
They serve a purpose as far as eating the annoying flies so it’s all good.
Have a safe trip.

I’m born and bred here and I am in my mid 50s.
I’ve only personally known one person who has been bitten by a venomous spider and that was a White-tail spider in Adelaide.
Then there was the idiot woman I knew who was running bare foot through 2ft high dry grass in a paddock in the bush, she stood on a Brown snake and was bitten.
What did she expect? Stand on me I’m likely to bite you too.

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i see white tailed spiders very regularly around the house, theyre often really big and creep me out. we have seen fairly aggressive ones, like when mum was cleaning behind my sisters dolls house a big one leaped about three foot in the air when she bent down, to try and bite her face. i saw a documentary on white tails once, and the bite of one caused a lady who had been bitten on both legs to swell up, have huge infected scabs and also gang green occurred in one of her legs.perhaps some species of white tail are venomous and others not, but i’m very certain that there are dangerous types. in Victoria they are very commonly found in homes. absolutely any where , even plastic bags and shoes and light globes, they’re gross

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