The latest gallup poll has Senator Obama leading over Clinton by 10% nationally. Will he win the nomination?

He has already won the nomination. If you do the math you will see it is virtually impossible for Clinton to catch up, and the superdelegates are not going to overrule the results of all of these primaries and caucuses.

Its hard to tell. Hillary is going to win Pennsylvania, and Indiana. The super Delegates are going to pick who they want. And they are in a tough position. On one hand Barack leads in Delegates and popular vote, but has lost tons of support since most of the primary’s. And after everything that has come out, he has almost no shot of winning in the General Election. On the other hand, Hillary has won the majority of the big states, the states that the Dems will have to win to get back into the White House. And Bill is a Super Delegate and has alot of pull and friends. It will be interesting to see how the Democratic party deals with this. And the Super Delegates dont have to vote for whoever has the most votes or Delegates, if they did, they wouldnt even exist. The Dems definitley screwed up again though.

The only poll that counts is the vote tally. When Michigan and Florida are added in and if Hillary wins PA, KY, and IN she won’t be 10% behind. I think the polls reflect the old adage about jumping on the bandwagon just because someone is leading. That 10% is Democrats only, not independents and Republicans who can vote for her is some of these primaries.

I truthfully don’t know if he will pull off the nomination because Senator Clinton is not going to quit. He only has 100 delegates more than she does so this may be fought out on the convention floor like the old conventions of the past. And, I believe, as people are finding out more and more about his true character instead of just being taken in by his rambling boring (to me), long speeches which confuse folks, people are going to start looking at his record and his values and he will be toast….especially in November if he does get the nomination. I want you young people to watch closely and watch the demise of a once strong, decent political party this summer as they self-destruct and destroy themselves with their liberal, left-wing socialist values and issues and then, if they nominate Obama, by the major landslide John McCain wins the presidency.

The Gallup is through 4/13. The bitter comment is not going to hurt him…matter of fact, HRC is getting boo’d when she brought this up this morning.

Obama 08!

Yes, Obama will get the nomination.

Truth be told, he should have gotten it already.

And McCain is only doing well now because he is still pretty much unopposed.

But instead of focusing on McCain, Obama has to spend all of his time, money, and energy combating Hillary’s and Bill’s nonsense.

It’s really disgusting.

Was that taken before or after he said that small town people cling to there guns and religion when they are scared instead of the Gov. Does he know thats actually a good thing??

YES HE WILL! Obama is America’s answer to solution. He will definitely win, especially when you have the support of alot of popular and respected Democrats.

Yes, next President of the United States: Sen. Obama!

it does not matter if he wins the nomination , the electoral college will not vote him in – not this time around anyway . He may have a shot in the future w/ more experience under his belt but cuurrently he’s just a kennedy puppet running cuz he’s @@#$% .

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