Those who think Oprah’s the greatest thing since sliced bread: can anybody help me I’M SO MAD???!!?

This question is for those who think Oprah is the greatest thing since sliced bread… WILL YOU FEEL THE SAME AFTER YOU READ THIS?

I’ve actually been to HARPO STUDIOS in Chicago, back on Monday, November 5, 2001… My connection flight, from Los Angeles to North Carolina was late, and so I had to spend the…

i’m so sorry for you…

i dunno about Oprah, she’s kinda overrated…
but i can’t judge her, i dunno her personally!


I didn’t ask that question because I like Oprah. She’s extremely overrated. That question was a result of a mandatory school assignment; we were assigned a person, we couldn’t choose.

But I agree with you. Oprah is only trying to promote herself. She tries to degrade the guests she invites on her show to make herself look like a proper angel. If people knew she used drugs and was a teen mother(the baby died) they wouldn’t feel sorry for her, because she looks down upon people for those reasons.

Oprah is a corporate product being marketed to all those people trapped in the cult of CELEBRITY. Sorry for your luck in having your expectations balloon burst but now you know the whole picture coming from that altar you call a TV.

Before the large companies started making bread for the consumer, if you wanted bread you made it yourself. So buying bread that was already cut was pretty special.

oprah is a busy person and you can’t just call her to say “hi can i be on your show?” you should hav sent her an email. i don’t think oprah is God or anything like that but this doesnt make me feel she is a bad person

If you want to succeed, read what Oprah did to obtain her position and imitate her instead of harassing her. You are just one of thousands who want to use her to promote themselves and you have not given one reason why you should be given preferential treatment over the others.

wowie that’s pretty mean that they sent you off like that and stuff. ive never liked oprah much myself but relax its a bit much calling her a devil in disguise and things like that

wow, noted. I’m not a big fan of her anyway. I think she is quite biased.

I hate that hoe

I’m sorry to hear that.

oprah’s my home gurl..

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