Was the sentence to “harsh” for 2 young thugs who beat and robbed a 73 year old man of 7 cents?


Little bastard deserves to get beat everyday for the next 6 years while he’s in Juvenile Facility. But he will probably get out in under 2.

If that were my grandpa or dad I would want to kill him. I feel so bad for the old man. He did not deserve it and he was always a fine citizen.

you do not have faith this guy desires a penalty for his strikes? shame on you! He attacked somebody without basically reason, injuring them interior the technique. it somewhat is attack even in liberal as h*** long island. OOPS basically observed the place that they had weapons on them while they committed the crime! Bump that to attack with a perilous weapon (even for bb weapons) and positioned the minimum sentence at 10 years. I agree that he shouldn’t get youthful criminal scientific care, in actuality he would desire to have been convicted of criminal attack with motive to dedicate against the regulation and sentenced to lots extra advantageous than 2 to 6 years. In long island time … “2 to 6 out in 9 months” is probable the way this would bypass. as quickly as we initiate taking teen crime heavily … so will the teenager offenders.

Good God I rest my case.Our world is f’d up.What is wrong with these people?Where are he’s parents as I think they should be accountable too.People take care of your children because if you don’t this is what can happen.Oh well we where probably taken care of him through welfare,now we get to tell him when he can pee.Good going parents.

i think he got off easy.

what you think we should just turn a blind eye to people who beat random old people?

if he would beat a 73yr old man for 7 cents what do you think he would do to your family for a couple hundred bucks?

Just a good judge doing a good job.

No it wasn’t too harsh, the old saying don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time rings true

No, it’s not too harsh. The little bastards deserve it.

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