What do you think of the Ontario Pit Bull Ban?

Pitbulls are now illegal in Ontario,
Residing pit bulls are grand-fathered from the ban but must be sterilized, muzzled and leashed (maximum of 1.8 meters long) in public places. Peace officers will have a right of entry without warrant to seize a dog.
I personally own a Rottwieler and I find it horrifying,……

This is going on in Wyandotte county Kansas also, but the people that live there are not allowed to even keep their dogs. The people have to turn their dogs over within like 2 weeks and they all will be euthanized. It does not matter of the age of the dog, it will die. Otherwise the people get jail time.
This is B.S and not fair to the responsible pitbull owners out there and their loving pitbulls. The goal i heard is to banish the breed entirely, and this makes me soooo mad as it has started with the inner breeding and training them to fight. It was not the dog that started this it was HUMANS.

BSL is a flawed concept from the moment it is conceived. In most cases the dogs are targeted leaving the owner, which is the responsible, rational thinking party, out of it.

Some impose fines along with their laws but are often not enforced to the maximum so the owner gets away with a slap on the wrist.
Dogs are not the problem and BSL does not reconize this. People are the problem and until we find a way to punish people for their neglectful actions which allow dogs to bite and terrorize the public we will never stop the problem.

First problem is, take one breed away, these people will find another breed to replace it.

Since the APBT bans the Rottweiler is now on the rise as the most popular breed.

Now these dogs are taking heat from the general public and the BSL supporters. Again they are restricting the dogs and not the people.
BSL can be compared to gender profiling or racial profiling. Simply because a dog appears to be a dog on the restricted list it is treated as one.

What if you were driving down the road and the police took you to jail, sentenced you, and placed you on death row just for looking like a certain ethnic group? BSL does exactly that to dogs.

So why is it then that more BSL laws are implemented daily? God forbid a person have to take responsibility for their irresponsible actions and BSL supports these people by not placing very harsh punishments on them.

All owners of pit bulls should start boycotting all cities and states that pass this kind of laws. They do have the right to pass what laws they want and we have the right to not spend our money in places that uphold govermental animal abuse. With over 5 million pit owners in this country alone this will send a clear massage. Hit them in the pocket book they will take another look at what they are doing

I was just thinking the very same thing and was about to post until I came upon your question!!

I don’t think banning any type of breed of dogs is really going to help the situation, we need to ban uneducated and horrible owners from owning dogs period (I know, fat chance)

I am a believer that it is the way the dog is raised, not so much the breed, if you do a search on Dog info for a dog that’s good with children or look in any book, the Stafford Terrier always comes up….

It is the fault of irresponsible owners. Many breeds of dogs can be dangerous if they are trained to attack people. Pit Bulls (and a few other breeds) in particular are physically well suited to the task.
Personally, I have never seen a mean pit bull, but I have seen what their jaws can do to a racoon.
While it is sad both for the dogs and the responsible owners, you have to ask yourself, if it saves one life (possibly a child) is it not worth it?

The problem is that after the pit bulls are outlawed, what next? Rottweiler, german shepard, giant schnauzer, doberman?
Don’t they realize these idiots will just get a different breed of dog?

I am an owner of two wonderful pit bulls. Owners of any type of dog is responsible for training their dogs properly for the safety of others and the dogs. My dogs are big babies. They will let anyone into the house! They are more protective of the back yard but still will let anyone in. I can’t believe that this is how society is handling the situation. The owners are they ones that should be banned from owning any type of animal!

If you give up freedom for safety you will have or deserve ether. When we pass these warm and fuzzy laws that make it seem we are protecting our safety that is what we get, nothing. To take away good pet owners dogs dose noting. The criminals that pits are responsible for more than after the attacks will simply keep their dogs.It will appeal to these that they have a illegal breed of dog. WE will be no safer.

Stupid, uneducated owners are at fault. The pittbull’s weakness is it’s personality. They LOVE to please their owners. I had a client walk in today who just got a puppy and didn’t know that it was a pitt bull until i told him, and then he got scared, but i reassured him that they are dogs who will do anything for their owners. So train it nice, and it will be nice.

I think the ban is so stupid, especially for the poor puppies who havent even had a chance to show others what sweethearts they can be if raised properly.

All owners should be held respnsible for what they do, not the dogs. Pittbulls aren’t born vicious.

I think its a horrible ban! Pitbulls are sooooooooo sweet! They are the best breed because they are bred to please their owners so if the owners bad they’re going to be too. But not all pit owners are stupid. I’m not!

Help with the boycott agisnt States and cities that have BlS do not spend your money in places thar do this kind of thing.

As with ANY/EVERY BSL,it’s POLITICAL & AR/peta-nutz backed!

PUREST example off POLITICS there is!

“LOOKS” like the ignorant authorities are PROTECTING their IGNORANT constituents while acually ACCOMPLISHING precisely NOTHING!!! and…COSTING HUGE amounts of money & HARDSHIP.

“Chicken Little” strikes again!

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