Who else likes being called “Hispanic” rather than “Latino”?

My dad’s dad is half Jewish-Austrian, half Aztec, and his mom is full-blood Spaniard Mexican. (My mom is half Cherokee, half white). I grew up with a strong Mexican cultural background, so don’t be haters, please. Since I’m both Spanish and native-Mexican, (and I think it sounds better, don’t know…

Yeah, there are some people who descend from the old Spanish/Mexican families in NM (like around Taos) with old colonial roots prefer “Hispanic” to Latino.


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what?? central and southamericans are hispanics too, I don’t get it. I think “latino” sounds better. By the way I’m mexican

i’m not hispanic but just wanted to chime in b/c it reminds me of how asians feel about the word oriental…or even the term asian.

the word latino and oriental seems like it describes music, or things that represent a culture. like latin music, latin food, or oriental music and oriental food, and oriental rugs.

hispanic would describe the person, just like asian or chinese, or japanese would describe a person.

Latino is a word that our people use for ourselves. Hispanic is a race created by the US census. I really dont have a preference but most people like latino better

You do know that hispanic is not a race?, that said I kinda have same stuation but I rather be call mexican that white and many people stare at me when I say that because I look white! Even when I turn a docoument in they tell me that I made a mistake but to answer your question hispanic does sond better than latinos

How is your dad Half Jewish/Austrian, Half Aztec, and Half Spaniard Mexican????? That’s one and a half people!

Just call yourself a mutt.

That’s what we do when there isn’t anything pure anymore.

I am Puerto Rican and I like to be called Hispanic over Latino.

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