Why can’t Christians and Atheists treat each other with a bit more respect on here?

Almost all the answers I’ve seen that both groups post on end up in exactly the same way; the Atheists call those with faith religious nuts with ludicrous beliefs, and the Christians tell the Atheists how they are evil and will burn for eternity in Hell. Now both groups knows what the other thinks so they…

I agree! I’m a Christian man but I respect the opinion of an atheist (I don’t agree with them and I do believe they’re wrong, but I don’t preach to them about it). Everybody just tries to shove religious beliefs into others faces….express your opinion and have a debate, but when you’re done, you should get along with that person still

No, it’s not common for christians or anyone. You expected too much from your friend. He had/has nothing to give you, not even a thankful heart. You want to be repaid for your friendship either through his gratefulness or happiness. You said he was down and he still is. This means what you had to offer didn’t help. If you truly want to help him then accept that you didn’t help him and encourage him to spend time with God. Perhaps that will work.

Humans naturally clash. If it not the issue of Atheism verses Christianity, its something else. For hundreds of years humans have been trying to solve the problem of truly connecting to each other/understanding each other. It seems that one of the most fundamental problems of humanity is that we have trouble using language to make each other understand each others position. Because we are all raised differently and in different environments, we end up coming to different conclusions. Language doesn’t help because people don’t realize just how ineffective words at there current state in human evolution are.

Understanding and relating to each other is being stretched to its limits at this point in humanity but we are also reaching a peak where we are developing (naturally through human progress) new way to perceive each others reality. So things could be getting better or worse right now. Its 50/50.

To be blunt – people fight. Its just the way it is. Lifestyles are different and certain ideas can only apply to certain lifestyles. Certain ideas will never mesh together. Certain ideas will always clash just like people conveying those beliefs. The only thing we can do to resolve this human conflict is based in relating to each others humanity. As long as our lifestyles and beliefs keep threatening the balance of others choices, it makes it difficult to create a peace between two groups of people.

Considering the extremes that religious beliefs are pressed it seems that tolerance of that evil is not much tolerance at all. Sorry, but the inability of proving a negative ignores that there is no evidence for the claims of any belief. Would you tolerate the religious sacrafices of the Aztecs? Why do you tolerate religions that divide people based on their beliefs and play them off against each other?

I personally consider all religious beliefs to be evil.

As you have very clearly described, we just don’t respect each others beliefs, and this is rendered more starkly on internet forums & the like because we don’t see or interact with each other in any other way than arguing about these issues.

In ‘real life’ we can have friends on ‘the other side’ because we can avoid the subject of religion, and concentrate on whatever we do have in common which make us friends, such as a mutual hobby or as work colleagues.

Unfortunately, the American (mostly) psyche is made up of a “them and us” mentality, as reinforced by George W Bush, which says if you are not on my side, then you are my enemy, which leaves no room for acceptance of others’ views or even any form of compromise.
This is why so much of America appears divided, whether that be on political, racial, religious, even between States.

This division, if allowed to thrive, could well be the catalyst that makes the USA implode.

I think ur confusing this with the RNS section, thats where all those stones in ur rant happen

The two are diametrically opposed to each others beliefs. It’s no wonder they fight.

Because the internet is where ignorant people come to talk trash.

It’s like asking why can’t white and black be the same…

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