Why do you think people laugh at Sarah Palin?

People have died in the past 8 years because of Bush…then we have an election & people still support a republcan, that is shocking….then after months & months of McCain not telling what he would do to help the country he insults the country. This women was brought in to appeal to sexists. She is an insult to any intelligent person. She is a joke. Then she proved she was an idiot in ways that where beyound anything anyone dreamed possible.
(1) people in Alaska came on TV even though they lived in fear or telling about her, she had a list of scandels, she has a baby at 44 years old but her daughter was off from school for many months during tis time & Sarah was never seen looking pregnant & the people nearest her were not told she was pregnant at all. She talks about abstinece for teens yet her other daughter is also pregnant. She is on TV praying for a pipeline. She is also shown on TV having witchs removes from her energy field.
(2) she does no interviews instead of being everyone so people can be sure about her. Then she does 2 interviews where she doesn’t know what she is asked about so the line “In what respect Charlie” becomes a joke beside her whole appearence & voice & brain dead persona.
(3) she goes on SNL after they make fun of her so bad & she should let that energy disapates she adds fuel to the fire.
(4) she gets pranked by a radio station in Canada you can ask someone to get you the link. That alone is unbelieveable.
(5) John McCain’s wife was the one that said she had the experience of living in Alaska & being close to Russia, I saw her say that & knew this women was the dumbest ever. Not Palin but Cindy McCain but she probably has pain meds that numb her brain.
(6) Then she gets up after she lost the election to say a speech & is not allowed to talk
(7) she got crowds riled up on racist type of remarks. I lost respect for all republicans when at the convention she put down the community service workers.
(8) She got in frount of a group of republican senators & was supposed to speak but after 11 minutes they told her they ran out of time & stopped her.
(9) Her husband sounds like Mike Tyson so they never let him say a word but it was funny cause he is a nice looking, air head, red neck looking guy but the voice was embarrassing.
(10) She has been on the air constantly after the election & doesn’t even know she is being laughed at. I mean her interview while making moose stew was a joke but she things it was a serious thing. Ok, ten is enough but there is much more hopefully others were talk about the book she is going to write for people who can’t possibly read. She has an assistant do her work after the reps. said the man with a PHd. had no experience. So it is hilarious.

Tina Fey made fun of her and a lot of people who watch SNL get confused with what Palin has said and what Fey had said. She is not Hilary Clinton so the democrats are extremely threatened by her and what she can do for this country. They sit there and make fun of Condoleeza Rice also. The media is mostly liberal and they pretty much brainwashed most of Americans into believing Palin is stupid. She is actually a very bright woman and has done a lot for Alaska and would/ could have done a lot in bettering our country.

I actually asked a similar question and didn’t get too many answers with sources. People are just eating what the liberal media feeds them.

Oh and btw Palin never said she could see Russia from her house she said that from some parts of Alaska you can see parts of Russia. Tina Fey made fun of her and said “I can see Russia from my house”.

That statement just proves how ignorant people really are. Look up some facts people it isn’t that hard. Watch this video it’s pretty frightening.


i’m nevertheless giggling at her. the female has no clue of the thank you to be a pacesetter and stumbles over each and every sentence in each and every interview. She did no longer understand what the interest standards have been of the interest she became into working for, overvalued the quantity of materials produced with the aid of her own state, and quit the folk who employed her on as governor to be a conversing head on television. She’s an opportunist at ultimate, and if it is the final that the Republicans can do, i’m extraordinarily unhappy for the rustic as an entire.

She was easy pick. An outsider, a female, a governor from a state that most people laugh at or even forget it is part of the US and mostly because the media made a mockery out of her. If the media made you the Messiah tomorrow the entire US would follow you. America is made up of 40 percent muscle, 40 percent fun and entertainment and 20 percent brain. And you wonder why politicians, corporations and CEOs are running the show? lol because they are the 20 percent and all the rest are clowns.

Because they are so devoid of creativity that they desperately recycle the same tired, irrelevant material that they saw on an SNL skit weeks after the election in the mistaken belief that it will make them seem smart, funny and a little edgy. Kinda like this question.

Because she is a moron. The only reason she enjoys the level of support she does is because of a teen-age fatuation/fantasy she enjoys among white men. She could not name one Supreme Court decision even though as Governor she has brought at least one case in front of the High Court. How poetic it was for her to explain to the public the reasons they lost the election while standing in front of TURKEY KILLING MACHINE, and did not have the common sense to move a little more to the right. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb!!!

It just came naturally. All that winking and “you betcha” stuff is funny. Statements like “I have foreign policy experience because I can see Russia from my back door” are funny.

People often laugh when they are nervous. I think a lot of liberals are very nervous about Sarah Palin.
Their continued talking about her seems to indicate that.

edit: Caribou Lips Barbie, that is a quote from an SNL skit by Tina Fey, not a statement by Sarah Palin.
But surely, if you’re intelligent, you knew that? Oh. You didn’t? I’m sorry.

No one can believe they would would prop up a 16 year old beauty pagent contestant as Vice President. I think McCain WANTED to lose.

I think that most of the people who laugh at her are jealous because she has accomplished more and done more than they will in a life time.

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