Will we see this in Campaign Commercials this year? Obama & his Energy Secratery WANT high gas prices? PROOF!?

Energy Secretary Chu Wants Higher Energy Prices
YouTube: Obama In 2008 Told America He Wants Higher Gas Prices

Energy Secretary Steven Chu appeared on Fox News Sunday with host Chris Wallace last weekend. Wallace asked him about his desire in 2008 for Americans to punitively pay more at the pump in order to…

Obama wants to distract with BS contriception issues.

but yes this should be issue #1.

I agree. look at the song information of the oil companies. each tax advance is an excuse to place their own little touch on the innovations-blowing. we are handcuffed to grease, there is no cutting-edge authentic selection, so we in simple terms pay it. How else do you notice record income in a era the place they are “compelled” to advance their fees so extreme. So, you eliminate the tax for a ludicrous “holiday.” Say the tax that’s relieved is 20 cents per gallon, I assure the fee will circulate down 13-15. The tax gets translated over to the oil companies, properly the ought to advance their fees to compensate. What have we actually gained? we’ve sacrificed money to restoration authentic problems to get a short term little restoration. Then whilst the “holiday” ends, they are going to maximum in all probability take great thing approximately yet one extra reason (by potential of potential of the corrective fee fluctuation) to tack on yet another couple cents in transition. surely, possibly i’m in simple terms too cynical, yet i think of we are lots worse off for it. ***************** possibly i’m too cynical for this too, yet I actual have hassle taking it heavily whilst somebody drops a “b4” whilst stressful a fact examine (and of path no longer offering any corrections). i’m hoping i’m no longer an elitist… ***************** this is in simple terms like the persons who think of the Stimulus rebate is the final difficulty in view that sliced bread. this is each and all the quick run, rapid restoration. No concerns proper to the implications, no concerns over what it potential. Who cares that the greenback is in the bathroom and we are working a significant deficit and the government can not arise with the money for to offer it to us. i’ve got have been given six hundred greenbacks in my pocket. The president’s great by using fact he gave it to me. What, Obama needs us to pay extra for gas… He does not care approximately us frequent human beings. this is in simple terms stupid PR video games and we ought to constantly be attentive to extra advantageous than to be manipulated like that.

Good cutting and pasting! Next, progress to paper dolls and snowflakes.

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