Ages of consent – sex, drinking, smoking?

I was just wondering what all the ages of consent are where you live.

I live in England and over here the ages of consent are:

Sex – 16

Smoking – 18 (used to be 16 not that long ago)

Drinking – 18 (I know a lot of Americans think its 21 over here. It’s not. It’s 18. The rule is, if you look…

Sex – depends on the state but 18 is usually the age of consent

Smoking – 18

Drinking – 21 and you have to be at least 21 to even think about entering the bar, let alone buy alcohol.

I know this question is 8 years old but I’m sure in that time none of the British laws have changed, so your facts are wrong anyway!! Drinking is 18 to buy and consume but 16 if you have parental supervision, with a meal at a restaurant. Smoking is 18 to buy, 16 to consume Driving is STILL 17 and isn’t/hasn’t changed to 18, but they’re making it so that you can’t take your practical test until you’re 18, but you can learn when you’re 17 (I think) Sex – who ever heard of an age limit for anal sex? Legal age of consent for any kind of sex is 16.

In the United States the drinking age in all 50 states is 21 years old, but if a spouse, parent, legal guardian, religious official during a service, or doctor give you alcohol it’s okay to drink it. Smoking is 18 years old in all fifty states no matter what [I’m pretty sure that it’s no matter what] and the sexual age of consent is different in all fifty states, but I posted a link under the sources to the wikipedia page that says what the age of consent for sex is in all fifty states.

Sex–depends of the state. Usually 16 or 18, often with close-in-age exceptions.

Smoking–usually 18 to buy tobacco products, but that is decided by state. For example, in New Jersey, Alabama, Alaska and Utah it’s 19 to buy.

Drinking–21 in all states. While it’s the same everywhere, the decision is actually made by the state (not federal) government.

Sex is different by state- by that you mean statutory rape… in my state, it’s 16 (the age of consent) but in a lot it’s 18. I don’t know that many that have ages that are younger.

In the whole country you must be 18 to smoke and you must be 21 to possess or internally possess alcohol. Oh, and a person cannot legally serve you alcohol if you appear intoxicated.

Sex- varies from state to state, typically 16 or 18. However, if the individual is still a minor, statutory rape could still be charged in certain cases.

Smoking- 18 everywhere. I believe it could be different if state legislatures passed different laws, but i’m not sure on this one. In any case, it’s 18 in every state.

Drinking- Could be different from state to state, but due to national legislation limiting funds for highways for states that don’t have a limit of 21 years, all have adopted the age of 21.

Great question.

Alcohol is the same everywhere, it’s 21 even though it’s technically regulated by the state.
Sex is completely different. Everywhere you go. It totally depends.

it’s also 18 to buy cigarettes, but to smoke them depends state to state.

Drinking is pretty uniform: 21

However, I know in Texas, there is a loophole with the whole smoking business: You are not allowed to buy cigarettes before you are 18, but, according to some of my friends who smoke, there isn’t really a law saying minors cant smoke.

I have no idea about sex

At the same time, it really doesn’t matter. Kids are gonna do what we wanna do.

Drinking is 21 in america..not sure about the others..

california, united states
sex is 18 legally but a lot of ppl do it when they feel like it
smoking is 18
and drinking is 21

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