Alternative rock wedding song to walk down the aisle to HELP?

We are into metal, rock, alternative, punk, and hippie style music. Please help I am looking for an upbeat or happy love song no slow sappy stuff I have been looking for the perfect song for days. This song will be for when I walk down the Aisle…. I want something modern but any ideas will help… THANK U!!

How nice to meet another non-traditional bride on here. : ) Here are some ideas:

“Happy Together” by the Turtles
“The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson
“Over the Rainbow” by Israel K’amaka’wiwo’ole (I’m using it at my wedding, but you may have it too.)
“Better When We’re Together” by Jack Johnson
“I Will Follow You Into the Dark” by Death Cab for Cutie (a little slow, but very lovely message)
“Do You Realize???” by the Flaming Lips
“Let My Love Open the Door” by Pete Townshend

Good luck!

Alternative Wedding Songs

Alternative Wedding Processional Songs

There are quite a few options and you don’t have to sell out to the traditional or cheesy songs. If you are a bit worried about the effect such a song might have on your grandmother, then try some of the instrumental versions of songs like Nothing Else Matters by Metalica. For some ideas try:…

Try portishead or apocoliptica both very unique bands that many havent heard of.
Thata a hard one though, most love songs are sappy or slow. I know bubbly has become pretty popular as well as no one by alicia keys if your into that type of music.

Try “Do You Right” by 311.

Thought I’d add that I know there is an acoustic version of this song at the end of one of their albums. The song itself is a little too fast for walking down the aisle but the acoustic version would be cool. It might be on the 311 “Live” album.

Listen to Warren Haynes “I’ll Be The One”.
Elton John- I think it’s called “Your Song”.
Peter Gabriel-“In Your Eyes”
Phil Collins-“In The Air Tonight”

I was in a wedding where the Bride choose 311’s “love Song” it was great. The preacher didn’t like it so much, but it was great.

I hope this link works. If not, go to Amazon and type in “String Quartet Guns N’ Roses” and you’ll get to it.
I wanted something rock (my fave band is Gn’R) but that sounds OK for a church, should I decide to wed in a church.
They do tributes to other bands, but you’ll have to search for them.

I’m walking down to Sweet Child O’ Mine and we’re leaving to Welcome To The Jungle – LOL.…

Rise Against: Swing Life Away… it’s such a great song!

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