Are questions sometimes wrongly reported on Yahoo Answers? Are appeals ever granted and is the system rational?

I posted a harmless question about “Do you consider Lindsay Lohan good-looking?” and somebody reported it. The system hasn’t even given me the text and reason for it. I know Yahoo Answers is run by sniffy liberals but what’s next? “Did you vote for John McCain?” sorry, that’s…

Sure, sometimes things are unjustly reported. But the example you gave is a violation for chatting. There were probably several people who reported it, as it’s a common type of violation. It has nothing to do with who’s running Yahoo! Answers. Questions and answers are reported by other Y!A users. Your other example… “Did you vote for John McCain?” is also considered chatting and is a violation. It reason for the violation has nothing to do with politics or political views. Keep in mind, there are many, many possible types of violations. A question or answer doesn’t have to be offensive in ANY way for it to be a violation. Asking what people think is considered chatting. There is no right or wrong answer, and the question isn’t seeking knowledge or useful information.

Sorry, I know that isn’t the answer you wanted to see, but, if it makes you feel any better, chatting violations are THE most common. Many similar questions may even get lucky and make it through, but many more are reported.

The appeals process is generally fair, and all appeals ARE reviewed.

What you posted was a violation for chat. A question of no value to anyone and asking for personal opinions. You need to learn what is acceptable and what is not
Rule is a question must seek knowledge or advice beneficial to all. You do realize what you posted does NOT abide by the rule.
Read the community guidelines and take the pop quiz
Yes q and a are wrongly reported but that is what the appeal is for and Yes I have won 90% of my appeals.

Yes, questions are sometimes wrongly reported. I’ve done it myself: I’d been zapping a bunch of spam, then answered a question and by reflex went through the “report” sequence instead of posting the answer. I contacted the asker myself to apologise and ask them to repost the question.

However, as others have said, the examples you gave were correctly reported as chat. There’s no “technically” – they were within what Y!A defines as reportable chat.

“I did not realise Yahoo Answers worked in such a utilitarian way”

Well, you know now.

Yes, but in your case your question was reported correctly.

Even though your question is harmless, it is deemed as chat. In my opinion, being reported for chat is a silly reason, but as a member of Yahoo! Answers I choose to follow the rules.

“Do you consider Lindsay Lohan good-looking?” is a violation for chat.

“Did you vote for John McCain?” is a violation for chat, and Yahoo! Answers is NOT run by liberals.

Please read the Community Guidelines if you haven’t already:…
and take the quiz to test your knowledge; pass and get twenty bonus points:…
Learn more about what is chat and what is considered chat:…

The appeal process is sometimes unfair, but most of the time fair. Your questions are reported for an actual reason, so your appeal would get turned down.

three questions and the answers to each is yes. If questions are reported wrongly (and they sometimes are) the appeal is usually won. The reporter then loses some credibility and has much less power. That in my opinion makes the system rational The problems arise when people think the question is reasonable but it breaks the guidelines. Questions must generate factual answers of use to all users. The question you asked is asking for an opinion and was therefore reported. Did yu vote for is a similar question insofar as the only person interested is yourself.

I’ve appealed against answers being deleted and had them reinstated. I don’t ask many questions, so have never had one of them deleted.

Like you, I genuinely can’t understand why people complain sometimes when an answer is not intended to offend at all. There are some odd people about.

appeals are pointless, your question is prefectly reasonable one but there are so many trolls out there now just spoiling things. As well as this, it’s now considered the norm to get your account suspended then the next day rise again with another username that needs sorting badly and people who openly name and abuse other users do too.

I had an answer reported and was
‘fined’ for it. I was most indignant,
as the question and answer was
perfectly reasonable. I appealed,
and two weeks went by, and then
when I logged-on one evening I
was re-instated.

Sometime, there is a god in heaven !

i had a very good answer (and selected best answer) reported a couple days ago… waiting for the appeal…

It is really shocking how there was NOTHING remotely bad or inaccurate in the answer. They don’t even glance at it before removing it. They just take peoples word for it.

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