Are women expected to shave their pubic hair?

I wax my bikini line but just trim my pubes and I heard that makes me gross?
I have no smell because I shower daily and I waxed it before and I got a yeast infection and just felt really weird down there…
Does it really matter? I’m just curious about this because no one says guys have to do anything not…

Only idiots think they have a right to tell someone else what to do with their genitalia. The idea that waxed or shaved privates are attractive comes from the porn industry where waxing was used to make everything easier to see. It’s one thing to trim your pubes so your partner can give you oral sex more easily, and another thing altogether to shave off all your pubes because some idiot thinks that’s “hygienic”.
The pubic hair is there for a reason. It’s supposed to protect the sensitive genital region from irritation. Some women like to depilate the vaginal area because removing that protection gives them more intense sensation during sex, but if you ask me, it’s an awful lot of time, hassle and expense to invest, and it’s unhealthy to remove all your pubic hair. Shaving and waxing can both cause ingrown hairs, and irritated hair follicles can easily become infected because the genital area is usually covered up and warm which encourages bacteria to grow. Waxing in a salon, as you seem to have learned, can be very unhygienic and infections can be passed on very easily.
Historically there has always been a tendency for men to try to tell women that their private parts were somehow “dirty” or “smelly”, sometimes just to make money out of selling them useless crap they didn’t need. It goes back to the old idea that women themselves were dirty or impure. Don’t accept it.
If you think about it, it’s actually pretty creepy for men to ask women to remove their pubic hair which as you have noted yourself is a physical sign of adulthood. Twenty years ago if a man said he preferred his lover to have no pubic hair people would have considered him a pervert and a paedophile. The porn industry has done a great job of making a lot of impressionable people think that women are supposed to look a certain way – big boobs, tiny waists, plumped up lips, no body hair etc etc. It’s also part of the sexist idea that women should spent lots of time and money trying to make themselves more attractive to men while men shouldnt have to do anything.
Hey, you tried it and it doesn’t seem like you liked the results, so don’t do it. Anyone who tries to tell you that having pubic hair is “gross” is obviously a total idiot.

In US, no. In other countries or cultures, it varies. Some require to be shaved/waxed and clean, some require the opposite, as much pubic hair as possible to the point that there are pubic hair transplant procedures available. No joke.

Well at least it’s not natural. But yes I do expect civilized women to shave down there. When I picture a naked girl I don’t picture her with pubic hair.

& I do shave too, & I love being smooth.
Pubic hair is a disgusting, standoffish, sexual deterrent that has outlived it’s purpose. Also when a girl keeps her pubes natural I can’t even see her vagina.

If you are considering shaving it then here is how to shave your pubic hair: 1st cut the hairs short. Then apply conditioner or something creamy to the pubic area. Then shave upwards in the opposite direction of the hairs with a 5 bladed razor. Be sure to shave hard to make it smooth. Afterwords to avoid getting beginners side effects wash the area off with acne cleanser or anti-bacterial dishwasher soap. If done right you will be incredibly smooth like me.

This is 2011, pubic hair is out of style. Let’s make 2011 the year that we all rebelled against the tradition of keeping pubic hair.

Please go to my profile & read my blog about why there’s nothing wrong with pubic hair removal so you won’t fall for the lies pube loving idiots might tell you or remove it for the wrong reasons.

I believe my answer is the best & I would appreciate it if you chose mine best so I don’t have to vote it best when this question expires.

No. Women are not expected to shave their pubic hair. There is a conspiracy by the razor manufacturers, the depilatory manufacturers and the laser depilation industry to make people think that pubic hair is gross. I think pubic hair is sexy. A woman with pubic hair looks like a sexually mature adult woman instead of a prepubescent girl. Pubic hair is also an erogenous zone. N matter what you shave with and how close and how often you are bound to get razor burn, ingrown hairs and scratch your guy’s shaft, tongue and lips with the stubble. Whatever you do save that lovely sexy bush!!!!

No, it doesn’t really matter. In fact doctors will tell you that its actually healthier to not shave. Not to mention your a woman and women have hair down there!

The point of shaving and trimming is mostly for your partners sake, during ‘oral sex’ so that they don’t get a mouth full of hairs. And even than, many women just trim it or leave a patch of it.

I never shave it all off. I just trim it… it still isn’t perfectly tidy, but I really don’t care about my pubic hair that much.

I don’t see how someone good call it, “good hygiene”. It could cause ingrown hairs, chafing, sores, and if you’re not careful with all the soaps and stuff….

As long as you take care of it, there’s no problems.

And I mean, the hair is there for a reason.

I think women are expected to more than men are. A friend was reading my book and there was a sex scene and it talked about the woman’s hair. All the guys were squirming and “ewwww”-ing at that part and I heard several, “Ew, she needs to shave that nasty thing.” or related.

Not to mention it signifies girls from women….

Some men probably expect this. I think it’s unreasonable to demand it of all women, and besides I actually prefer not completely bald. Trimming is a good happy medium.

Well, I think we are, but I don’t. It’s VERY uncomfortable. I found out how sensitive my skin is down there when I tried.
You should just do what you prefer though. There is no right or wrong. If you’re looking for love, your lover wouldn’t be put off by it.

said this stuff before. I Don’t like baldies. I grew up at a time when men got used to the idea that grown women had pubic hair, as they have been for thousands of years. Men are supposed to be more visual than women, and I really don’t know why they’d come to be repulsed by this. But, in less than one generation, the media, at the behest of a multi-billion dollar depilating industry, has convinced just about the whole of Western humans that it’s gross, and a distressingly large percentage of them have fallen into line, like sheep being hustled into a feedlot.

C’mon, ladies. Stop torturing yourselves. You aren’t our personal playthings. And any man worth his weight in potted meat wouldn’t demand that you do so.

I’m sure as hell not doing it. Shaving everything, I mean. Reasons for that should be obvious.

Me, I’ll take a nice clean bush over tearing up my tongue and tool on a sandpaper cooter. But somehow, the few men left that like women the way they were made are now considered twisted fetishists.

Well, the rest of you folks enjoy your cultural manipulation. Buy a “Boobs of Steel” machine and a Velveeta cannon for the kitchen while you’re on your way to blow half your paycheck on getting waxed and plucked and shocked. And pay a Mexican to mow your lawn, chop your firewood, then drive to a health club to run around in circles.

And on and on. Do what the TV tells you. And love what it says to. Just like the rest of these programmed nitwits.

I think Pam Anderson, even when she was in her prime, was about as attractive as a sack of old auto parts. Shaved tw@t, rubber jugs, inflated lips, tattooed buttcrack.


Don’t forget to pay through the schnoz for the bottled water that comes from ordinary municipal taps.

I wouldn’t say its expected. Have a trim and well groomed bikini region is good too. Most people just don’t want to see to out of control pubic region. As Dane Cook put it “Welcome to the Jungle baby!”

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