Baby shower registry ………………….?

Lol I know it’s early for me being 11 weeks tomorrow, but when did you register for your baby shower? and did you register in advance just to go through the process and just wait until you actually knew what you were having to actually pick stuff out ..

i waited until i knew the sex….no harm in looking or even starting it for things that are gender neutral..

well, u can go to babies r us website and they have a list for ppl who are going to register..of course it has a lot of things on there that you don’t need, but if you weed through you can get what you need out of it…the things i liked;found most useful, etc……

.i would def recommend:
a diaper genie 2; idk why ppl don’t like them, there is NO smell in my dd ‘s room
changing table..will save your back, good for diap changes, clothes changes, sponge baths, etc and you have shelves to store your new baby must haves….i have canvas bins on the shelves to store things that are good to have in reach or easily available…
monitor–i like the graco imonitor, recently bought a second one for another room in the house bc i liked the other one so much, it has been working well for over 8 mos now, and it has good range, battery life, and i can hear EVERYTHING; never any interference….it works great..
boppy pillow with cotton covers, soft ones don’t fit as well for some reason
lots of baby hangers, and baby hangers with clips to keep outfits together
primo euro bathtub
prince lionheart diaper depot and wipewarmer; ours works well and the wipes are still very warm when we get them to out dd’s bottom; and she doesn’t freak out when we are out and they aren’t warmed, but seems to appreciate it when they are..
health kit: brush, comb, thermometer (not an ear one, not as accurate), nail clippers, etc.
baby meds, generic is just as good and a lot cheaper…desitin(or plain zinc oxide if you can find it)..not creamy, has less zinc ox in it….infant mylicon and tylenol
lots of diapers , make sure wherever you buy them will let you exchange them for a diff size if you need to even after the return period…brus let me do that, and buy a small pack of a couple brands to see which you prefer before you open the big boxes…wipes, lots of them, without alcohol or fragrance! we use swaddlers diapers and pampers sensitive wipes; no rashes, no reactions to their ingredients, diapers hold a lot when they have too and the netting tends to keep the wet off her bottom…
lots of baby washclothes, you may have to use them on baby’s bum if it is really sensitive and gets a rash….and baby towels, but you could use your reg towels if money is an issue

swing, pref swings two ways and plugs in instead of batteries
bouncy seat
infant travel system! easy, easy, easy–we got the graco tour deluxe; it is great, folds with one hand, several seating positions, lays flat for sleep; has a big basket underneath and cup holders for mom and dad, one for baby , place for snacks for baby, and a ‘pocket’ up top for keys, cell phone, whatever you wanna put there…
play yard, get one with bassinet feature if you want to, easier to keep baby in your room for a while before putting them in crib in their room=we have chicco discovery and it is awesome, has more padding than most, easy to wash..machine wash, most are wipe down…very sturdy, has nightlight, vibration, etc and a flip up change table, has wooden slats that slide in under mattress for support…not that much more exp than the others and much better in my opinion
passys–she loves soothies and that is all she will take..
baby wash, again frag free, dye free
frag free , dye free laundry detergent
clothes hamper or basket
lingerie bag for socks, mittens, anything little so they don’t get lost in the wash…
something to put baby toys in
extra toy links
lullaby cd and small cd player; my dd has come to love white noise, she naps with a fan and a womb bear; sleeps at night with a fan….
oh, mosquito cover for your infant’s where you can see in , baby can see out, but strangers cant just walk up and touch your baby, and they will!!!!!
all i can come up with now…LOL
diaper bags; big one for everything you may need, leave in car unless you will be somewhere a long time, and a small one to stick what you will need for a short run in so you don’t have to haul the bigger one

if ffing:
avent formula dispenser; has better review than the ones made by sassy, and convert to a snack cup later…i loved it so much i bought a second one!
bottles–really liked playtex ventaire advanced when she was young, more pieces but it’s easy to get them clean when the top and bottom comes off…and they vent through the bottom instead of the nip so no bubbles or foam going back up into baby’s milk; they will leak if you don’t put them together correctly, but we have had no probs with them and have never had to replace any parts on them..if u decide on them and have leaks, email me and i will explain how to keep them from leaking…:O)
bottle and nip brushes–i really like the ones by munchking that don’t have a sponge on the end of the brush, they come in diff colors mixed with white and have a great nip brush in the handles….
drying racks–again, i

Its very nerve recking and exciting all at once I actually waited till I knew who was throwing me a shower and waited to see what we were going to have. Not all mothers wait though for that lol. I went to different stores though to actually see what was needed and wanted. I am a visual person. Then I registered through each store I went to. I would suggest may be about 6 months to go and register that way it gives family and friends a chance to get to the store before the shower and actually see what you want. and if you are not wanting to find out the sex make sure you pick out neutral colors. Good luck!

I waited until I knew what I was having until I started a registry only because I knew that if it was a girl I wanted pink and a boy I wanted blue. You could start it earlier if you don’t mind having neutral colors (yellows) for the babe. I wouldn’t start until you are at least past the first trimester though. Good luck and Congrats!

I did mine early around where you are now, just cause i was bored and it was fun lol, but later when i found out what i was having i went back and changed a few things. But really nobody got what i wanted on the list! They just got what they wanted too, so sometimes it is just a waste.

I registered right after my 20 week ultrasound since that is usually when you find out what you’re having and it is somewhat easier registering for gender spcific items. However, mine didn’t want to show off its “goods” so I am registering blind=)

i waited until i knew because its much more simple that way,i think i was 5-6 months pregnant when i registered.

I waited until I found out what I was having.

i waited till i know so that wa y i could do it all at once plus its so fun going to the store and doing it

i didnt do it til i was about 6 months pregnant.

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