Can I put a mitsubishi lancer evolution engine into 95 mitsubishi eclipse?

If the 95 Eclipse is the GS-T or GSX, it already has the same engine, the 4G63.

The 95 RS and GS both have the Chrysler 420a engine. Not only would you have to swap engines, but you’d have to swap trans and clutch, CPU as well as rewire a bunch of things.

It would be cheaper to sell your 95 Eclispe RS/GS and buy a GS-T/GSX and with the extra money mod it.

how is this even a query? i assume which you have a non quicker engine (called the 420a, this is the comparable engine discovered interior the stay sparkling of neon). the suitable, maximum attainable determination could be to place in the engine from the swifter eclipse, the 4g63T, this is without postpone with regard to the engine from the Lancer evolution(evo). in spite of if, you additionally can purchase a quicker equipment for the 420a or deploy the engine from a stay sparkling of neon SRT-4.

with enough fabrication and money you can put any motor into any car. so yeah.

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