Can we be morally superior to God?

God, since he “created” all life, is said to therefore have the right to tell us how we can live and have control over all of us and our fate. If we can determine that sentient machines that humans have created have the right to self-determinate, and since the only laws we impose are the ones we agree to…

“God” is not a moral being. People may think that he has control over the things that we do and what happens to the world around us. I disagree completely. I stunned a Klingon yesterday with my phaser and there was no “God” controlling my actions. I could have fist fought him or just vaporized him but I MYSELF decide to stun him without a “God” telling me what to do or controlling any of the variables that were my surroundings in that situation. We have the decision making skills that we use ourselves and “God” isn’t imposing upon us which way he is going to make us go. I make my own decisions and determine my own actions. Not some “God” We all make our own life decisions.

The understanding of right and wrong is instinctive. It is human nature. If you need a god to tell you not to kill someone… Wow, you’re pretty sick.
The instinctive nature of right and wrong leads to a high level of morality if left alone. Good and bad are natural, and we can recognize them. This is straightforward and commonsense.
Religious law is arbitrary. The same god that supposedly hates homosexuals also hates poly/cotton blend t-shirts, people wearing the color red and people eating shellfish. He also has participated in human sacrifice and a good deal of smiting, especially of innocents, any time his panties were in a bunch.
It’s pretty clear that humans not defiled by religious law are of far superior morals than most gods. So as not to pick on the Abrahamic god too much, the Roman and Greek gods had some pretty bad habits and you definitely don’t want to tick off the Norse pantheon. I could go on, but the same fact is true. A natural sense of right and wrong is always significantly better than the religious morals of any god, no matter whose.

well data,

if we used the bible version of god – almost anyone is morally superior to him. since he’s a bit of a megalomaniac that when he doesn’t get his way he kills everyone. people kill others, but often for him. and when people do kill others – they either direct other’s to do it , like hitler, or just kills a few.

but there is only one god, and many humans. and only one human killing others – this single person doesn’t represent humans as a whole. god on the other hand, is only one, he can only account for himself, and while he talks big, he murders so many people. and he doesn’t follow his own rules.

so we are better.

Your question is in the same thread as the insinuation made by an angel in the garden of Eden. He told Eve: “You will not die [that is, if she becomes independent of God]…but you will become like God knowing good and bad”. [Gen 3.1-5]

Adam and Eve believed that they could be “like God”. They could determine on their own what is “good and bad” without God. The result was humankind self-rule. Human kings and political governments ruled trying all forms of political principles [from monarchy to socialism] in quest for success and excellent life.

What is the result of thousands of years of humankind’s independent course? The answer is doubtlessly clear: A FAILURE. Man’s rule is unsuccessful in addressing major problems like crimes, hatred, racial prejudice, wars, poverty, sickness, etc. Worst, no human government can eliminate our number 1 enemy DEATH.

How true is Jeremiah 10.23 which says:

(Jeremiah 10:23) 23 I well know, O Jehovah, that to earthling man his way does not belong. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.

If man can be morally superior to God and can truly determine on his own what is “good and bad” it should have led to a better world than it is now. But it is definitely not the case.

So the answer to your question is NO.

Great Q…thanks

see the thing is, this kinda disproves god to me, in the bible he is shown to be someone who will forgive and is merciful, not like Q, but yet if u dont lead the life HE wants u to live he sends you to hell, like u said . to me those statements contradict so i dont think he is real, also why would the devil be mean and torture people, if he dosnt like god he wouldnt want to help him get people into heaven which he is doing with the fear and torture he is claiming to do, so with that i think we can be cause he either is nto real or he is just like us. Im done now, Beam Me Back Up!

If you mean the God of the OT, almost anyone is morally superior to that sadistic POS.

im sure most christians today are against slavery but the bible says otherwise. everyone today really believes they are morally superior to God but they just disregard the things in the bible that they disagree with so that they can be happy.

yes, because apparently God committed a sin he had told man not to do. He committed adultery when he impregnated a virgin named Mary… She was a married woman. How can that be denied?

Simply glancing through the Old Testament pretty much convinces me I am.

the Biblical answer is NO.
Because god is perfect, and we are not>
Why not?
Because we have inherited IMPERFECTION from Adam and Eve.
THEY were created perfect [ as people] [ to have the prospect of never getting sick or even dying] but then they became imperfect becaue they disobeyed…

(Genesis 2:16-17) And Jehovah God also laid this command upon the man: “From every tree of the garden you may eat to satisfaction. 17 But as for the tree of the knowledge of good and bad you must not eat from it, for in the day you eat from it you will positively die.”
WHAT would have been the outcome if they had NOT disobeyed…they would never have died…and would still be living today…
Thats what the scripture says…
No other way to ” interpret” it.

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