Do I look like a man? Honest opinions! Easy 10 points. Picture included?

People have been telling me lately that im and ogar,look like a man, have a penis, he/she and everything else. I am pretty girly. I don’t hang out with boys much i have crushes my best friends are also girly and i have a lot of pink. Im just tired of the name calling and want to know what you all really think….

what the fudge?!!! you look NOTHING like a man. And i would know this becuase i am a girl who has a manly facial structure. There is nothing about your face i could call manly. You have very nice soft and girly facial features. Nothing harsh or manly about your face AT ALL! I have the big nose/big forehead/square jaw going for me, you have none of that.

I must say im glad i didnt go to a school like yours because i can just imagine the horrible things that would of been said to me. I cant believe how horrid some girls can be. Crud….. i was damn lucky in the school chosen for me.

Ignore those horrible cows, i would kill for your perfect skin, great eyes, great eyebrows.
Believe me you are what is considered a attractive female.

no way chick no way…..u dont look like a man u should ask them if there jeliouse because u are a girl and maybe there hideing a little something something if u no wat i mean people these days cant enjoy a buetiful woman walking by them insted they try to pick at every little thing they think they see wrong with a woman jeliousy is an ugly thing remind those people of that when they call u a man again

Honestly You Dont
And I Dont Think It Should Matter
What Other People Think Of You

Not even remotely close to looking like a man.

No, you definitely do not look like a man. I don’t know what they are talking about. Just ignore them.

no you do not look like a man, you are a very pretty girl. whoever said this is insane is completely jelious

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