Does John Mccain deserve some respect Obama supporters?

Of course he does, regardless of whether he was our Nemesis politically but he still has done a lot for this country
He is a great man and I wish him nothing but best of luck for his future
Don’t you as well Obama supporters

Yes and No.

I do think he deserves some respect, he is an American hero, and I commend him on his service to protecting our country. I also offer him praise for the great sacrifices he made while a POW in Viet Nam. No doubt, I could never do that.

However, I think his campaign was ugly. His campaign called me and all Democrats “un-American.” They made reference to “American” and “UnAmerican” parts of our country. His campaign said that Obama “palled around with terrorists.” Which is not true.

I am a Democrat who proudly flys an American Flag outside of my house every day. I am very patriotic and I love our country very much. It is not only Republicans that love America.

So, no, I cannot offer him any respect for his campaign. Sorry, I wish I could.

Absolutely. What more can I say. Too bad he didn’t win 4 or 8 years ago.

That said, Obama is the President Elect and I am glad.

Strangely, I think they will work well together. Sure McCain supported Bush 90 percent of the time, but I think he knows better, and he is “the maverick” after all.

He conceded with class and dignity. I’m glad Obama won but McCain proved tonight that he is a fine American and a man of character. I wish him nothing but the best in the future. Now as far as Bush and Cheney go, that’s a different story entirely…

Of course. He deserves a great amount. Anyone running for president deserves some amount of respect…..and I really do mean that. He loves his country and made a graceful speech when he was defeated. Although I am happy with the outcome, I have no doubt that he would have made our country proud. He is a great man.

I do. He’s a good man, not the right man for president, but a good man. He’s a good fighter and his speech was good. I hope he works to bring Washington together and help the rest of the USA to be what it was once before it’s current state. I wish him and his family and Sarah Palin all the best in the world, even though I support Obama and voted for him.

McCain’s speech in admitting defeat was better than Obama’s. Frankly, it was more than fantastic. I really hated the Republican crowd when they booed at the name of Obama. See why I’m a white Democrat?

Obama for president!

recognize is earned. right here’s a short assessment of their 2 records: Obama is in user-friendly terms some upstart who provides very solid speeches, yet hasn’t carried out squat in his existence. As editor of the Harvard regulation evaluate, he did not write one article for it. As a criminal professional he tried in user-friendly terms a handful of teenybopper cases. As a regulation professor, he took no section in regulation debates nor revealed any scholarly criminal paintings. As a community organizer he tried to get asbestos out of public housing it fairly is there to immediately. He won his Illinois Senate Seat by using disqualifying his 2 extra common fighters. As an Illinois State Senator he voted “recent” on each and every inconvenient vote, extra then the different candidate. He in user-friendly terms won the U. S. Senate race whilst his 2 extra common fighters self destructed. Obama felt an entire 143 days interior the U. S. Senate has given him adequate journey to function President of the u . s . a .. McCain served in wrestle, suffered as a POW, and commanded a naval air squadron. He accomplished the rank of Captain interior the army, a command rank. He refused to sell out his usa and persevered extra years of imprisonment and torture. he’s been in Congress for over twenty years, working in a bi-partisan vogue and handed groundbreaking bi-partisan legislations costs which incorporates McCain-Kennedy and McCain-Feingold. he’s been a member of significant Senate committees which incorporates the Senate Armed centers Committee. You tell me, which record could you recognize extra?

I have nothing but the utmost respect for the man. However he ran a despicable campaign. He was just a good man who made some terrible decisions and it cost him. I do wish him luck in the future (unless he is going up against my guy of course 😛 )

I do, absolutly.

He is a decorated veteran. That has always had my respect. And his concession speech was very classy – I give him a lot of credit for standing up to a boo-ing crowd and doing the right thing.

I do, I have watched his biography twice, as well as Obama. You cannot doubt what he sacrificed for his country. He gave an amazing speech for someone who just lost an election and was very gracious toward Obama, he hushed his own supporters in respect for Obama, you cant look like much more of a stud than that.

buttt…..OBAMA ’08


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