Funny Wittty answers to TV quizzes?

I’m looking for the funniest, daft, silly, or witty answers given to questions on tv quizzes, please exclude Family Fortunes, you can include celebrity shows like QI, Have I got News for You etc . Please include the question and the correct answer

which member of the royal family has appeared on a question of sport?

ricky tomlinson

Family fortunes, questions and answers. Obviously, there are no “correct” answers for these. Name a scary animal A squirrel Name a food you don’t have to chew Chips (this was from the MD of a soup manufacturers…) Name something a blind person might use A sword Name a bird with a long neck Naomi Campbell Name an occupation where you need a torch A burglar Name a dangerous race The Arabs Name an item of clothing worn by the Three Musketeers A horse Name something that floats in the bath Water Name something associated with the police Pigs Name a sign of the zodiac April

on family fortunes once the question what services do you call in an emergency was asked
someone answered my mum audience , presenter,rest of the family,and the entire viewing population laugh and say pratt and wait for the durdur and big cross BUT its the 5th most common answer

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