How can the Repubs vote against the “job killing health care bill” when it doesnt exist?

The Health Care bill does not reduce jobs at all. As Ezra Klein says, it reduces labor.. which means more jobs available for those who are looking. That means it will REDUCE UNEMPLOYMENT.

And I love how the first thing the house does is repeal a law but has no solution of its own to replace it with a fix.. and…

First of all folks. I do not live in the USA
First of all of all politicians and by nature Ego Centric and have a one track mind. I do not under stand while most systems in the western world always consider fighting over policies instead of doing the best to cooperate for the betterment of ALL citizens of their countries. The US system is the most complicated in the world by far and yet still does not have the ability to get on with the real problems
facing the country. Many of us would Envy having President Barack Obama as our leader. I for one.
Our country has a health that most other countries would like to have.
We do pay minimum costs compared with any other. Both children and the elderly are treated with respect. A of our health is under Govt.control
Even medication is not as costly as other countries. From what i understand about 5% of what the average American must pay. We are a democratic country but not died in the wool Capitalists many counties are.. Just an Opinion Regards Terry.D

The CBO says non-group premiums will increase by 10 to 13% by 2016.

“it reduces labor.. which means more jobs available for those who are looking.”

I don’t think this bill is going to cause a ton of people to retire. You’re saying because more money from the Fed is going to be pumped in Medicare, more people are going to retire (I’m sorry, not you, Exra says this). I disagree with him.

And if a company employs 50 or more full time employees, they must provide health coverage for each employee. They will be penalized $2,000 per employees without coverage from the employer.

Any company (small business now) who employs less than 50 employees period must cover at least half of the premiums for each employee. If they do not, they can not use the small business tax credit.

I’m sorry, where is any of this in the constitution? Does anyone here really think the Constitution is really irrelevant?

And the COST of health services is the ticking time bomb that should have been addressed. One of the biggest burdens on the hospitals that is causing prices to skyrocket is Illegals not paying. That is something that is easily taken care of. (And I don’t mean hospitals should deny treatment to ANYONE).

I don’t believe this bill addresses that problem at all. Their answer is to just throw money at problems and pretend it will go away.

Really? Ask anyone in the medical field how they feel about the health care bill. The University of Utah Hospital is just east of where I live and I know people who work there. Without exception they all say that the health care bill is going to kill them in terms of service provided and loss of jobs.

Besides, the health care bill is not about health care at all. It is about control and the sooner people realize this the sooner it will be pushed into an incinerator.

Did you actually read the bill? Do you know the elemental factors of it? Do you know about the extra spending on education loans added into this bill as earmark that has nothing to do with health care? Just one of the additional factors

I don’t like answering a question with a question, but I wonder if your conclusion of the health care bill lowering the cost of health care overall is because you heard it on tv or radio.

It rations care, declines options of health management, sky rockets cost, etc.

Again, did you hear it lowers cost so you believe it like a sheep? Or did you actually read the bill?

Increases cost of production, lowers profits, reduces jobs, increases health care costs for all. Watch and learn.

All I know is that the health care bill has resulted in higher benefits costs for companies, especially small ones. I guess the choices are cut expenses (hire less people) or slash benefits (no health insurance).

I can’t believe they want to repeal healthcare reform. Republicans are such little wimpy b*tches and party poopers.

It funny that they all of the sudden care about rising costs now. The costs were going to go up anyway you dumbasses.

Businesses have been given a one year exemption to catch up with the costs. You purposely leave out to facts to suit your argument. Seriously, it is so embarrassing and painful to watch you guys act like such idiots.

It hasn’t fully gone into effect yet and won’t until 2014. They are only collecting funds for it right now. When it goes into effect, it will raise health care premiums and most businesses/employers won’t be able to afford it.

How is making health care more expensive going to lower unemplyment?

They can’t, however since there will be a vote I must conclude that it really does exist.

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