How do curl ur hair with a straighting iron?

Ok i have natrually straight hair thts a few inches over shoulder lenght but its kinda flippy/ poffy and i dont really like it.. but im not getting a flatning iron since my mom thinks its :unnecassary” lol
but i do have a curling iron its kinda old and ive tried it a few times 2 straighten it be4 but it…

sorry chica, your outta luck. ive tried straightening hair with a curling iron too… and it doesnt work. but if you have a blowdrier, you can use that to help. look for hair products to put in wet hair to help it dry straight, then when you hair is about halfway dry, brush it and work on drying it straight in sections. do this at night so that you can sleep on it and it’ll get flatter and sleeker when you sleep. i used to do this all the time before i got a flatiron. best of luck 🙂 and if you need anymore tips just email me

Having a chemical straightener positioned on your hair yet each and every so often that does no longer assure you will acquire stick without postpone hair. you have some style of hair breakage and hair loss with this technique.

you clamp the piece of hair.not so close to your head)
then you wrap the piece around.(only once )
then you spin the iron until the piece of hair is sticking out.
then you slowly go down and wala the curl is right there

u cant unless u get a chi chi straightening iron. My sister has it and she curls and straightens with it. Its awesome

u cant straighten ur hair with a curling iron it will just rip all ur hair out… lol

go on youtube. there are a bunch of tutorials.

youtube it.

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